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The ideal patch: Little Mac

Is Little Mac as good as Ryu now?

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Smash Apprentice
Dec 24, 2016
Little Mac's gameplay is very unique in that it is focused mostly on his ground game, and little on his air game. This however leads many people to consider Little Mac to be very bad in this game. In this edition of the ideal patch, i will be focusing mainly on buffing Little Mac's ground game and fear factor, but i do have a couple of alterations to make to his air game as well.

Walk Speed: 1.32 -> 1.40
Air speed: 1.00 -> 1.08
% dealt to charge KO punch: 333.3 -> 250
KB required to get rid of KO punch: 80 units -> 95 units
KO punch Base Knockback: 25 -> 50
KO punch KBG: 100 -> 105
KO punch hitbox size: 4.5/4.5 -> 5.1/5.1
Jab 3 angle: 60 -> 35
Jab 3 FAF: 32 -> 25
Rapid Jab finisher KBG: 123 -> 135
Ftilt (hit 1) hitbox active: 4-5 -> 3-4
Ftilt (hit 2) hitbox active: 12-13 -> 11-12
Ftilt FAF: 38 -> 35
Up tilt FAF: 30 -> 27
Down tilt FAF: 22 -> 20
Forward smash (angle up) KBG: 81 -> 83
Forward smash (unangled) KBG: 91 -> 94
Forward smash (Angled down) KBG: 21 -> 28
Up smash (sweetspot) KBG: 76 -> 78
Up smash (sourspot) KBG: 96 -> 100
Down smash angle: 30 -> 27
Down smash KBG: 94 -> 97
Back throw damage: 4,5 -> 4,6
Back throw KBG: 130 -> 140
Nair SDI multiplier: 2.0 -> 0.5
Nair hitbox size: 4.0/2.0/2.0 -> 4.3/2.2/2.2
Nair FAF: 16 -> 13
Nair landing lag: 16 -> 10
Nair autocancel: 25 (after FAF) -> 11
Jolt Haymaker hitbox size: 5.0/3.0/3.5 -> 5.2/3.2/3.7
Jolt Haymaker KBG: 98 -> 102
Rising Uppercut (hit 1) damage: 3 -> 3.5
Rising Uppercut (loop hits 2-5) damage: 1 -> 1.25
Rising Uppercut (finisher) damage: 3 -> 3.5 *
Slip Counter KBG: 50 -> 70

*Remember higher damage = higher knockback


Smash Journeyman
Jan 26, 2005
Amsterdam, the netherlands
I highly suggest adding some sort of explanation per change because currently all i am seeing is random numbers without any reasoning behind them.

Why do you think the change needs to happen and/ or what do you expect the change will do for little mac when it comes to combos, survivability etc?


Smash Rookie
Aug 17, 2016
He gave Little Mac's 3 hit jab less cool down making it true combo into things like perfect pivot u-tilt that will be helpful. Giving Mac's tilts slightly less frames will make them safer too.

Lola Luftnagle

Banned via Warnings
Nov 16, 2016
  • Okay, while Mac's air game is complete ****, I think all of his aerials need an earlier autocancel window or make all of them have 15 frames of landing lag. It makes sense given his aerials do not inflict that much more damage than :4mario:'s jab.
  • It is disheartening for K.O. Uppercut to be lost easily just by taking high knockback. :4cloud: never loses Limit Charge by taking knockback, so the K.O. Uppercut could use that same treatment as well. And what the **** is it with that windbox? That can cause one to whiff a near-certain finishing move. What a waste, and given the current tournament rulesets, y'all usually only get one or two chances, at most, to get a K.O. Uppercut. Yeah, that windbox has got to go.
  • I don't know about the back-throw buff. Mac is not known for grappling.
  • Jolt Haymaker does a good job at finishing off foes, so a KBG increase is a bit much. Instead, it would be nice if the move did not put one in free-fall. I'm pretty sure a Mac player doesn't want any more of those "oh, sweet niblets" moments where they fly off the ledge with it to an SD.
  • About his ground game: it's one of the best thus far, so most aspects of that should be left alone. However, I agree with some of y'all here about making the tilts recover a bit quicker. Personally, I would fix something about that step-in animation on side-smash. It gives it reach, but unfortunately in CQC the move easily whiffs that way, which is never desirable.


Smash Journeyman
Jun 7, 2015
Woah woah woah, slow down there. These changes would make him very busted and not enjoyable to play as or against at all. He would be impossible to punish with these changes, kill earlier with everything, have safe moves on shield, insane confirms and combos, AND have a kill throw. Not to mention Ko punch would kill at 0. That's a little much.
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