The Hammer Bros. throw down!


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Mar 23, 2018

Hey guys I heard you love clone characters and want more Marioverse reps!

Ok, so, I mostly did this for animation practice, and I don't expect to see these guys ever appear in the game, but I'm a lore nerd so a lot of thought went into these guys and I figured you might appreciate it.

Don't expect explanations from the video; I considered doing a VO for it explaining the history and references and potential gameplay buuut I have a terrible mic and that's not really my style. Instead, feel free to leave opinions and ideas for these guys!


(Also, I never got around to making costumes but here's my thoughts; All Projectile variants, Red/Green and Black/Yellow ninjas, home and away Charged armor, L33T Bros, and Dry Bros)
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Nov 11, 2017
I don't support Hammer Bro and I think he merits to be an assist trophy. And I'm glad he is. Having Hammer Bro as an assist trophy is just as bad as having Raditz or Zabuza as a support character in a shonen jump game, which isn't bad at all.


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Apr 20, 2014
You know, I saw that animation and I thought, "You know, that's actually pretty clever"

I support this. It's a nice idea and I feel like Hammer Bros. could actually work

I may be biased because the hammer bros are my favorite mario enemy
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