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The Hammer Bros. throw down!


Smash Rookie
Mar 23, 2018

Hey guys I heard you love clone characters and want more Marioverse reps!

Ok, so, I mostly did this for animation practice, and I don't expect to see these guys ever appear in the game, but I'm a lore nerd so a lot of thought went into these guys and I figured you might appreciate it.

Don't expect explanations from the video; I considered doing a VO for it explaining the history and references and potential gameplay buuut I have a terrible mic and that's not really my style. Instead, feel free to leave opinions and ideas for these guys!


(Also, I never got around to making costumes but here's my thoughts; All Projectile variants, Red/Green and Black/Yellow ninjas, home and away Charged armor, L33T Bros, and Dry Bros)
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Smash Lord
Nov 11, 2017
I don't support Hammer Bro and I think he merits to be an assist trophy. And I'm glad he is. Having Hammer Bro as an assist trophy is just as bad as having Raditz or Zabuza as a support character in a shonen jump game, which isn't bad at all.


Smash Lord
Apr 20, 2014
You know, I saw that animation and I thought, "You know, that's actually pretty clever"

I support this. It's a nice idea and I feel like Hammer Bros. could actually work

I may be biased because the hammer bros are my favorite mario enemy


Smash Lord
Oct 22, 2020
Who Knows Where?
hammer bros would actually work quite well in my opinion! seem like the logical next playable mario enemy after plant
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