The GoddessOfDarkness rises again!


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Aug 25, 2016
Hello there, Smashboards.

What? You thought that stupid, insolent puppet of an angel Pit, and his puppet mistress Palutena killed me? Foolish humans!

Ok, I've really got to stop quoting Kid Icarus Uprising every five seconds :p. What can I say, I LOVE that game.

Anyway, hi! I'm GoddessOfDarkness, a casual Smash player (mainly of 4) who's looking to go competitive. I main all 3 of the KIU characters, but I use Dark Pit the most. I don't know crap about playing Smash competitively, so I'm hoping to learn. I am 13, so please just remember that I have like no equipment or money

And this really won't factor in much but I do have a severe bordering on prolific hearing loss. This literally got found out yesterday, so I'm still in kind of a shock, as my last hearing test came out normal. This mainly causes me to quote things wrong (I can't figure out if Medusa says "hello Pit" or "hello there Pit" in chapter 1) Also, I have minor vision issues. Cataract surgery will hopefully fix them

I look forward to meeting you all


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Aug 4, 2009
The Farthest Shore
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