The Emperor Pokemon Empoleon Joins Pokken!


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Dec 18, 2015
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On November 1, the poison dart frog Pokemon Croagunk was introduced to the Pokken series, gathering all sorts of reactions ranging from disappointment to laughter to joy. A month later Pokken has announced a new addition to their family, The emperor Pokemon Empoleon!

This proud penguin Pokemon showcases its strength using its claws on its fins to slash its enemies and it's ability to control the water, blasting strong jets at its opponents to inflict damage or releasing small amounts to use it to freeze the ground to immobilise. It is also able to use far ranged moves like ice beam, freezing its opponent while leaving a trail of ice on the ground. It is also capable of using these jets as a propelling force to attack its enemies, giving it speed and covering up the distance between the enemy.

Speculations of Empoleon, Scizor and Darkrai has already been made ever since the 1.3 Patch files have been released. Now that Empoleon and Scizor have been confirmed as a playable character, it won't be a surprise if we see Darkrai joining them on the main stage of future Pokken tournaments.

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