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The dual souled Jiang-Shi Hsein ko Rise to Battle

scarlet solsitce

Smash Apprentice
Sep 7, 2018
Who is Hsein ko
Hsein ko is two souls Lei lei and mei rin two sisters of the Shao Family of senjutsuji mystics trained to defeat Darkstalkers.
on the night of their inaugural ceremony, their village was attacked by Darkstalkers their mother sacrificed her self to save her daughters.
Unfortunately, her daughters followed suit with the forbidden igyo tenshin technique thus Lei lei became Hsein ko and mei rin became her ward.
Move set
Neutral B
Anki Hou
an ax is thrown in an arc similar to Simon Belmonts
Side B
Houten Geki
a grabbing move similar to browsers upward grab but have increased damage and can be chained into
Down B
Henkyou ki
a gong reflector
Up B
Senpuu Buu
a grapple bladed attack
Final Smashes
Tenrai Ha (from afar)
Chireitou (up close)
the first is a barrage of spiked balls
the second is a series of swords that arise from the ground
Reason for her inclusion
Her design is a true masterpiece that only appears once in a blue moon something that fits smash brothers well
Darkstalkers is home to the most unique character design having any character in smash would bring me to tears.
Darkstalkers is my favorite franchise I would love to have any of the 6 characters in smash that I've made threads for is a miracle in of itself self but to have all 6 is my pipe dream.
Reasons against her inclusion
The smash is for good boys and girls is a dumb argument that I am completely against for any Darkstalker character especially Felicia
as for Hsein ko, she is the third most popular character in the franchise but is the one of the most recognizable
Why 6 don't You think that's wishful thinking?
yep all a man can do is hope I don't care what people say
I would love to see Hsein Ko in smash cause of what she brings to smash as well as the others that can bring a unique quality to the game in their own way
Possible victory theme
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