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the Diddy Ditto thread!

Madison Turner

Smash Cadet
Dec 19, 2018
Richmond, VA
Let's start a thread for people who want to play some Diddy ditto matches in arena! I feel like it might be a good thing to play against some other Diddy Kong players, so we can pick up on things that each other are doing. I'm sure we've all got some pocket characters as well, so we could bring some of them out against each other's Diddy's and see what they do against us; maybe we can pick up some new tricks? I was inspired to make this thread after a friend told me they never get matched up against Diddy's in Quickplay, and I realized that I don't know if I've played another Diddy Kong yet in the entire time I've been playing, and I've put around 160 hours into the game.

I figure it might be a good idea to post not only friend code, but also your GSP (& date since it changes often) and/or tournament results if either are relevant, so you can find players who are close in level to you (or people higher than you so you can learn a bit from them if they're willing).

Friend Code: SW-2090-4823-7819
Diddy Kong GSP (as of 02/02/19): 3,655,677
Tournament Results: I'm getting stomped y'all. I've gone to three, and my best run was 2-2.

If there's enough interest, maybe we can have a regular arena name & password?

tuck :)

Smash Cadet
Mar 22, 2017
Here, ill add myself onto this too. Do you think we could make this also a sort of "Diddy Kong Finder" thread? We could also make a thread for tournament results too or something.

FC: SW-0651-1646-7123
DIddy GSP: 4,352,851 (as of 4/22)
Tournament results: Combo Breaker 2019: 97th/433 (i suck lmao)
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