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The Commando with a Bionic Arm!: Nathan "Rad" Spencer joins SMASH!


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Welcome to the Thread of Nathan "RAD" Spencer, from the Capcom Classic: Bionic Commando.


Oh, so you don't know Bionic Commando? Well let me tell you about it. Bionic Commando (called Top Secret in Japan) is an arcade game released in 1987. Starred by an unnamed soldier (named Super Joe in American releases to tie in with the otherwise-unrelated Commando game also by Capcom) who must infiltrate an enemy base and foil's the enemy's plan to launch missiles. It was distinguished from any other platformer on the market for one reason, you cannot jump. Instead, the hero uses a grappling hook (in other incarnations, a bionic arm with a grappling hook) in order to climb ledges and cross gaps.

However, most people are familiar with its NES version, also simply titled Bionic Commando (Hitler's Revival: Top Secret in Japan)

-Gameplay of Bionic Commando for the NES-

In this game, Nathan "Rad" Spencer makes his debut. He is tasked to rescue Super Joe and stop project Albatross, a plan once put in plan by the "Badds" (Nazis in the japanese version) and also defeat the newly revived Master D, A.K.A Adolf Hitler. Aside from removing Nazi imagery and rebalancing some difficult areas, the game remained mostly intanct (inlcuding Hitler's head exploding into pieces)

The game was well recieved, and it became one of Capcom's most beloved NES titles. It may not be as recognizable as Mega Man or a best selling success like Duck Tales, but stil a classic none the less.

It inspired a Game Boy version made by Inakuchi Engineering, the same ones behind Mega Man 1, 3, 4 and 5 for the Game Boy. A worthy follow up on the Little Handheld if i say so myself.

-Probably the most anime look Rad Spencer ever had-

Here's a fun fact, did you know Nintendo developed a Bionic Commando game? Yep, that's right. That's something not even Mega Man can say. That milestone goes to Bionic Commando: Elite Forces for the Game Boy Color, developed by Nintendo Software Technology (the same ones behind the Wave Race series). The only game in which you can choose between 2 playable characters, though they are just generic cyborg looking characters (one male and the other female)

After that, the series would take a long hiatus, until the remake, Bionic Commando REARMED. A fully remade in 3D game featuring a kickass new look for Nathan and fully remixed soundtrack.

-Bionic Commando Rearmed Gameplay-

Unforntunately, the series' next game, Bionic Commando for PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2009, ended up beign a very flawed experience in comparison. A controversial redesign for the character was one of the many criticisms (thankfully if you beat the game you can unlock his classic look) that represented the angsty, edgy and absurd trends of the 2000's in the worst way possible. It's better to not mention it nowadays.

After that blunder, we got a sequel to Rearmed, Rearmed 2 in 2011. While not as fun as the first one, it's still a decent experience.

Ever since then, Bionic Commando has stayed on the sidelines. Mega Man thinks he has gotten it rough? Well think again.

Outside of his own series, Rad Spencer has showed in Marvel vs Capcom 3, it's updated version UMVC3, and it's Sequel, Marvel VS Capcom Infinite. Unfortunately his reboot looks the default one, but his classic look is an option (at least in UMVC3) His appereance in those games prove that he has fighing game potential.

So, how would he play?

Now i know some people will tell me "RaD SpEnCEr CaN'T jUmP" and therefore he's not eligeble. Well.......he can, in Rearmed 2 (he also can in the MVC games he shows up in). Instead of trying to come up with some convoluted gimmick for justifying his lack of jumping, it's just a better idea to make his jump deliberately bad so that he has to focus on his Bionic Arm to do the job for him. He also has a Gun (how it's portrayed varies from game to game, from a big bazooka-like object to a smaller gun) that gives him zoning capabilities plus power ups like Missile Launcher from the NES game or the Flamethrower from Elite Forces.

There's many ways to implement his Bionic Arm. One of them is by making him a Grappler of Sorts, like a special move to grabs the opponents from afar, with the difference that instead of beign the usual slow and powerful type that grapplers are usually known for, he could be faster and weaker. Of course, that makes it a little hard to balance, but due to Smash giant veriety of character to balance, i don't think this will be such a big issue. Besides, Smash has a lot of archetypes that are shared between characters, even if most of them are unique.

For the sake of encouraging disscussions, you can sumbit your own movesets if you want it to, and i will insert it in the OP.

-Thread Owner-
Absolutely Not Speedwagon-
He may seem unlikely, but Smash has surprised us before. Will Rad ever swing his Arm again? Who knows?
Stay armed folks!

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