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The Blob of a Million Forms... The Ditto Support Thread


Smash Journeyman
Nov 6, 2019
Quick note before you get into this, many might not like my ideas.

What is Ditto?
Ditto is a pokémon that has a power to turn into anything it's seen before. It's appeared multiple times in the Anime, & is a huge recurring pokémon in the breeding portion of pokémon.


Ditto Alts:
1. Normal
2. Sky (Shiny)
3. Green
4. Red
5. White
6. Yellow
7. Brown
8. Black (The face is white)


Cool detail, some say that Ditto is a failed Mewtwo.

Moveset Notes:
~Ditto's 'Nuetral B' opens a menu to transform into a different fighter from this list for a short time:
(they are the color of the slime from the alt, and they have ditto faces)

~Other moves turn Ditto into a different, non-playable Pokémon like Magikarp.

~Ditto as itself, without transforming, only deals small amounts of damage.

~Ditto's only attacks where it doesn't transform are its jab, and its forward tilt.

(Just a basic jab. It only does 1.1% damage.)

Forward Tilt-
(A slightly stronger jab, dealing 3.5% damage.)

Up Tilt-
(Transforms into a Gallade, and swipes upwards for a move that deals decent damage.)

Down Tilt-
(When crouching, it transforms into a turtwig laying down. For its down tilt, it uses bite.)

U Air-
(Grow the neck of an Alolan Exeggutor which hits anyone there as it grows, and drops coconuts on the ground for a second)

N Air-
(Morphs into a Electrode that zaps electricity in a small radius around it. This obviously deals electric damage, and paralyzes the oponent.)

B Air-
(Morphs into a weavile and swipes quickley behind it. This deals good, damage that has a chance of knock-back.)

F Air-
(Transforms into a Nidoran (Female) and stabs its horn forward as it falls)

D Air-
(Transforms into Hitmonchan and uses 'Fire Punch' Downward)

Nuetral Special- Morph Menu
(Opens the menu that lets Ditto transform into :ultincineroar:, :ultivysaur:, :ultjigglypuff:, or :ultsquirtle: for a short period.)

S Special- Deino Charge
(Transforms into a Deino, and rams forward a bit. This move deals moderate damage, and has good knock-back)

D Special- Excadrill Escapade
(If on the ground, jumps high into the air and morphs into an Excadrill. It drills down quickly to hit anyone under it, but deals extra damage if the drill tip hits the enemy)

U Special- Magikarp! Jump!
(Morphs into a Magikarp and jumps high into the sky. This deals very little damage if it hits somebody.)

Up Throw-
(Transforms into a Machamp and juggles the enrmy for a split second then tosses them upwards)

Side Throw-
(Turns into Seperior and whips the enemy with its tail.)

Down Throw-
(Turns into a Rillaboom & throws the enemy downwards. HARD.)

Bounces around and moves like its about to ttransform

Turns into an actual Eeveelution and gets down like it wants to play. The Eeveelution depends on the alt the player chose:
1. Espeon
2. Vaporeon
3. Leafeon
4. Sylveon
5. Umbreon
6. Jolteon
7. Flareon
8. Glaceon

Morphs into a Chimchar & does a little dance

Kirby gains a ditto face, and the Morph Menu.
Opening the menu and selecting that character keeps the ditto face, but gains the Nuetral B of the fighter chosen.

There we go... It took me 3 days to complete... My phone is on 10%... And I'm as tired as thr Snorlax blocking the way to the Wild Area & Poison type gym in Kanto.
What did you guys think of my ideas for Ditto to be playable in Smash? I look forward to reading your thoughts!
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