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The Big MI Discussion Topic


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Jan 28, 2019
Any smash (ultimate) groups or leagues going on in the detroit metro area? I've looked online and found nothing, surprisingly


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Jul 13, 2008
Marquette, MI
In Marquette,
(in the UP, far away from most of you, except for the Michigan Tech crowd)
There have been two Ultimate tournaments so far this year, one in March and one in April. It seems like it will continue. The information I know:

-held at the theatre
-entry fee of 10$, and 3$ to watch
-grand prize is a movie ticket
-supposedly some refreshments are provided
-held inside a movie theater - with matches on 5 screens. One on the big movie screen, and four on TVs.
-3 stock, 7 minutes, "gentleman" stage select. Double elimination. All stages used seemed to be their Battlefield or Omega forms. No items.
-last month's winner won using DK suicide technique

50 people signed up yesterday, so this place is raking in 500+ dollars. I went hoping to find some side casual games, but no extra TVs, and navigating the angled and tight theater seats was a hassle. I wish it was held in a large, flat room. I wonder if we could organize a place to play with more accessibility, and a different prize structure? Maybe incorporate all SSB games, and other competitive games?

Otherwise, anybody in Marquette and want to play?
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Jun 9, 2003
Tampa, FL
OK, this thread cannot remain dead. Its been 3 years since someone posted. I got the OG michigan crew on a discord channel and were open to having other people join who wanna chat there and play slippi or local meetups sometime.

WTF is the michigan scene like these days anyway?

I have switched my main from Low Tier to 7th strongest with swapping Zelda kicks with Peach Downsmash and Turnips ftw.

Coming outta retirement baby!!!

And streaming this **** now:

Im old as hell now, but melee still has great appeal again for me. Just not gonna do tournaments since all the players on slippi are highly skilled.

Oh my.... has technology changed in 20 years since we played in LiptonBuddies smoky basement. Im still a scrub, but I am winning 50% against these so called modern Melee players. My reads are real tight imo.
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