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The Ball and Paddles from Another Time, Pong Bounces Forth!


Smash Rookie
Mar 21, 2021
From the 1971 game "Pong", Pong joins the battle!

No this isn't a joke, or at least not entirely. Pong is a "character" that just about anyone who's played video games has been exposed to. Often regarded as one of the oldest video games of all time, Pong has undoubtedly earned its spot in the big celebration of gaming known as Super Smash Bros!

But why Pong?
Atari's Pong is often considered to be "the first video game", and while this claim is not entirely true, it is impossible to deny that Pong is one of the biggest pioneer's in the industry. Pong is a gaming icon that just about anyone with even a sliver of experience with video games can recognize , and with Smash being a celebration of gaming, it would only make sense to include Pong amongst the roster, especially since Smash is no stranger to including more "bizarre" characters in its roster.

What would Pong even do?
I'm glad you asked, hypothetical questioner. At first glance, Pong might not seem like it has much to work with. It's just two paddles and a ball, so how could they possibly work as a fighter? Well, I took the liberty of designing a moveset dedicated to Pong, simply to show that it can in fact be done!

A you can see, there's a lot you can do with even a design as simplistic as two lines and a square, and given some other additions, it's hard to imagine that the Smash developers would have any issues designing a moveset in the same vein as mine.

But isn't Pong an Assist Trophy?
Color TV-Game 15 is the Assist Trophy, not Pong. Functionally, the two games share the same fundamentals, but from a historical standpoint, the two are not as interchangeable. Color TV-Game 15 is Nintendo's take on Pong, rather than Pong itself. Based on this distinction, it could be claimed that Pong is not represented in Smash at all.

Doc Monocle

Smash Ace
Dec 24, 2020
The seventh lantern.
It certainly gains points for creativity! I support Pong. However, it more likely would find its way as a stage element, spirit, etc. Also, I am not sure if it would be a valid entry for a character. Either way, I support.
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