Team Voyage's poll at Apex 2015 "Most Common Mains in Melee"


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Apr 3, 2014
"We had a great time at Apex this year, it was amazing to see how the Smash community can come together in the face of crisis and persevere. While we were there we took a poll of who the most common main's are in SSBM, and this is what we found."

Out of 208 people:

1st: Fox - 31

Most people who said they main Fox, also said they main another character. For the sake of statistics, we asked them to pick one or the other, and they usually picked Fox. Put on your sunglasses people, it's about to get bright in here.

2nd: Falco - 26

Falco was in the same position as Fox, and when asked to pick one, they picked Falco (He is more stylin' anyway). Shoutout to PC Chris for demolishing Ken, not to mention that stage dive after the match. Keep up the good work, man.

2nd: Sheik - 26

It was not a surprise to see such high numbers of Sheik mains, her speed and almost non-existent short hop make it easy for newer players to do well without having to know advanced tech. After asking M2K what his true main was, he said "Marth and Sheik." We asked him to pick one and he declined, saying that there was "no way he could ever pick just one." We put down two tallies, just for him.

3rd: Marth - 21

Personally, we were surprised to see so many Marth mains. But after seeing PPMD's performance against Armada, it's quite obvious why he would be a top choice. We want to see more of that vicious dash dancing, guys.

4th: Samus - 18

Tying Peach for 4th, Samus is right where we thought she would be. Her quick and easy spot-dodge makes her a prime defensive opponent. Not to mention that sinister extended grab and the always flashy super wave dash. You'll be laughing when you get smashed off the edge on Dream Land.

4th: Peach - 18

Peach was also a surprise, what with the massive influx of spacey players these days, Peach doesn't seem like the most common choice. Armada said in an interview after grand finals that "Peach's movement is too restricted, but playing as Fox is so freeing." Hopefully he won't completely give up on this feisty princess, just yet.

5th: Captain Falcon - 12

Around these parts, we call Cap'n Falc the "Unstoppable train," and with good reason, too. Get your hard reads down and you'll be stomping all over those squishy spacies.

5th: Puff - 12

Puff was tied with Falcon for 5th place in our survey, and she (he?) definitely earned the spot. Hungrybox's super aggro play style went perfectly with M2K's defensive Sheik. Wonderful show, boys.Pro tip: Don't dash attack a crouched puff, it'll hurt, we promise.

6th: Luigi - 10

Honestly, we can't see why more people don't main Luigi (who aren't just trying to troll you). Let's see some more Super Jump Punching out of shield guys.

7th: Ganon - 9

You saw the Bizzaro Flame money match, right? We lost our voices after that up-tilt. Don't underestimate the Dark Lord's power.

8th: Link - 6

We didn't see much out of Link at Apex, and even less of Young Link. Sure there's better sword-wielders out there, but who doesn't like repeatedly boomeranging an off-stage opponent?

9th: Ice Climbers - 5

You'd think having a guaranteed 2 on 1 in a match would be enticing, not to mention being able to wobble your opponent well over 100% with just one grab. Watching Nana get mercilessly shined spiked by Fox is just too much I guess.

10th: Yoshi - 4

We saw some amazing plays by Amsa at Apex, and kudos to him for sticking to his guns as the little red dinosaur. Though, we'd still like to jump out of shield.

10th: DK - 4

DK was tied with Yoshi for 10th in our survey, and a shoutout to all those who play him as a main. I mean, that up-air is bananas, right? (ha.. ha ha.)

11th: Bowser - 2

Captain Jack, where you at? Show all these new-fangled spacie players what the King of the Koopa's is all about.

11th: Ness - 2

Tying Bowser for 11th, we only found two people who play Ness as a competitive main. The player who goes by Vrud, claims he is the best in the world, and will money match you anytime, anywhere.

12th: Pikachu - 1

Axe, you da man.

12th: Kirby - 1

There was only one Kirby "main" that we found at Apex this year, and no, it wasn't Chu.

And tied for last place with zero:

Mario, Dr. Mario, Young Link, Pichu, Roy, Mewtwo, and Zelda.

Apex was a great experience for all who went. Shoutout's to Twitch and Red Bull for clutching that new venue for us, and thanks to all who made the trip possible. We will see you all again at Evo!

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