TAS Your Own Adventure: An Interactive TAS by Stabby McKniferson and Heeeww!

The TAS, short for Tool-Assisted Speedrun/Superplay, is a type of video that has been in the Smash Bros. community for ages. Recently, prominent TAS maker Stabby McKniferson (in collaboration with Heeeww) has put an interesting twist on TAS -- a TAS your own adventure! At certain points in this TAS match between Fox and Falco, the viewer is given an option to choose. Choose wisely, as there are 17 different pathways, 13 unique endings, and only 1 path to victory.

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Played this the other day, super cool. I wonder how well this concept could be adapted to smash theorycraft type situational tutorials...
Darn, I thought that I was falco, so I assumed i was just styling super hard all over fox. I died in two choices
Is there a way to win it without loosing a stock?

First try and I play Sm4sh (and melee at dolphin with a DS3), take this melee idiots ( not you cool and nice melee players).
It was so epic... in my second try I beat that Falco. But still finding the sudden death ending.
Dammit! I was so close. Who am I kidding... Fox was so close. I had two stocks up on him but then he got me....
NEVERMIND. I GOT THAT FALCO. 1. tech in place. 2. mangle 3. run and gun 4. waveland grab 5. profit
Damn. Coming from brawl is s harder than I thought. Second time doing this I had a huge lead, and because I decided to "keep the pressure on" I ended up SDing. My gosh lol