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SWF 2012 Hall of Fame (Brawl)

SWF Hall of Fame

Smash Rookie
Jul 26, 2012
2012 SWF Hall of Fame (Brawl)
The Inaugural Edition

The following is the inaugural SWF Hall of Fame Class of 2012 for Smash Bros. Brawl. This list honors the great players, tournament organizers, and contributors in the community since the games release. These individuals have all achieved greatness and their contributions set a high bar for future generations to follow. Based on voting in the SWF Brawl Back Room, each year, the Hall of Fame will add an additional five players, three tournament organizers, and three contributors. Voting for the 2012 SWF HoF Class concluded in early 2012.

SWF HoF Discussion Thread is located by Clicking HERE.

  • ADHD
    Wyatt "ADHD" Beekman has long been considered one of the top three Brawl players in the United States. He is the only player to consistently challenge Carroza or Zimmerman in their dominance. His highly technical, innovative play helped launch Diddy Kong up the tier list. Beekman is known for playing while exclusively standing up, a habit not seen repeated in any other top player in any other game.

    His strongest win came in 2010 at Pound 4 where he beat Zimmerman in the finals. Other notable placements include 1st at MLG DC, 3rd at Genesis I and II, and 7th at Apex 2012. He typically places top 3 at local and regional events and has earned over $15,000 in his Brawl career. Beekman has made top 32 on the AllisBrawl.com ladder six times, with his best placement in the top 4. Beekman is the youngest of the 2012 Hall of Fame inductees.

    Beekman is a recent graduate of Westwood High School in New Jersey.

  • Ally
    Elliot "Ally" Carroza rose in 2009 to challenge Zimmerman's reign as the best Brawl player. Carroza brought a new approach to the game and his unparalleled skill with Snake would eventually lead to multiple national championships. He was the first player to overtake Zimmerman's SWF World Ranking of 1st since the lists inception, and he has dominated nearly every event he has participated in. His first national championship came at Apex 2009 in a match up with Zimmerman in the grand finals, a match up that would occur many more times in the future.

    Other notable victories include taking 1st at Genesis I, WHOBO 2, Pound 5, KTAR 5, and COT 5, among others. He placed 5th at Apex 2012, one of his worst performances ever, losing to two Japanese players. His 4th place finish at MLG Dallas netted him $3,500, his largest payout from a single tournament, and he has earned over $50,000 since 2008. After using Snake for the early part of his Brawl career, Carroza switched to Meta Knight in 2010 and met similar success. He is the strongest player of multiple characters in Brawl. Carroza is also the AllisBrawl.com 2008 Summer Ladder Champion, 2009 Winter and Fall Ladder Champion, and the 2010 Winter and Fall Ladder Champion. He most recently finished top 4 in the 2012 Winter Ladder.

  • DEHF
    Larry "DEHF" Holland is considered the father of the modern Falco metagame. His most notable tournament win was at Apex 2010, where he won over the Japanese player Brood. In addition to this victory, Holland has consistently placed high in his home state of California at local and regional events. Holland has spent most of his career ranked in the top 10 of the official SWF World Rankings and at the height of his career was ranked in the top five. Other notable results include placing 9th at Apex 2012, 6th at Genesis I, and 9th at Genesis II.

    Holland is currently studying finance at California State University Northridge.

  • Gnes
    Keith "Gnes" Garmond is most known as the 2010 MLG Champion, where he won $12,500 - the most ever for a single Smash victory. At his absolute peak, Garmond was ranked second on the SWF World Rankings and was a mainstay in the top 10. Using Diddy Kong, Garmond has consistently placed in the top 3 at regional events, especially in his home state of Texas, and has threatened at several national events. He has wins against almost every top player in the United States and his career earnings exceed $20,000.

    Garmond is currently studying computer science at the University of Houston.

  • Mew2King
    Jason "Mew2King" Zimmerman is one of the most accomplished and skilled Smash players of all time, often regarded as the "Robot" for his extremely high and consistent mechanical skill, and perfect execution under any circumstance. Zimmerman has been playing Smash since the Nintendo 64 edition came out (1999). However, his competitive career did not begin until 2005. Within a year he was considered a top player and a national threat.

    Zimmerman has been National Champion in both Melee and Brawl and a world champion in Brawl. His notable wins include three Major League Gaming events in 2010, Genesis 2, and EVO 2k9, with career winnings in excess of $50,000. He continuously held the #1 spot on the SWF Rankings list for over a year and a half. He has travelled across the United States several times in his 7 year career, and also travelled internationally to compete (Robocop 2010, Australia).

    Zimmerman is currently studying game design at Camden County College.

Tournament Organizers
  • Alex Strife
    Johnathan "Alex Strife" Lugo is known for pushing the bar ever higher for the Smash community. He started the Apex tournament series in 2009 and met immediate success. Apex 2012 was the largest Smash tournament ever, reaching new heights in both the number of entrants and stream viewers. His passion for the community and for organizing tournaments is unparalleled and he frequently puts the needs of others before his own.

    Lugo's work goes further than simply running the largest national tournament franchise in Smash history. He has also run a series of tournaments for Brawl and Melee spanning back to 2007. These include the New York City Weeklies, Zenith, Viridian, and Saffron City series. His consultation at various national events has likewise been heralded by other tournament organizers and the community. He is currently organizing Apex 2013 and is a smashboards.com ambassador.

    Lugo holds a bachelor degree in communications and media from Fordham University.

  • AlphaZealot
    Chris "AlphaZealot" Brown is one of the Smash communities most influential tournament hosts. Since 2005 he has been involved with Major League Gaming, initially as content staff and moving on from there to various other organizational tasks. In 2010 he was the tournament director for Brawl on the MLG Pro Circuit, bringing the American community some of the most hyped events in recent history.

    Outside of Brown's affiliation with MLG, Brown has hosted various tournaments in the Midwest for both Melee and Brawl, most notably the Wings & Brew, Delta Upsilon, and ESI Charity Gaming series. Outside of his impressive résumé as a tournament host, he has concerned himself with compiling tournament statistics, writing year overviews, and educating of the community on the boards. He was one of the founding members of the disbanded Unity Ruleset Committee, is a former AllisBrawl.com ladder director, and is currently a Smashboards.com Senator, leader for the Brawl Back Room, and MLG fighting game tournament director.

    Brown holds a master of education and a bachelor degree in history from The Ohio State University.

  • Xyro
    Allan "Xyro" Sims has been an active tournament organizer and leader of the Texas Smash community since 2008. He is known for running the HOBO series, which has had over 30 different events. As a tournament organizer he owns the record for hosting the most Brawl tournaments in the world and for hosting the most Brawl events with at least 100 entrants (seven). His tournaments are known in the community for their entertainment value and professionalism.

    In addition to running his local and regional HOBO series, Sims also runs the national WHOBO series, with its fourth installment occurring in the summer of 2012. This series has seen attendance of over 100 players at each event and is one of the strongest national brands for Brawl. Finally, Sims is a founding member of the Lone Star Circuit, which unified Texas under a single ruleset and reinvigorated the scene. Sims' tournaments have paid out more than $30,000 in prizes since 2008.

    Sims holds a bachelor degree from San Jacinto College.

  • Aisight
    Tony "Aisight" Cheng, known earlier in the scene as Ankoku, made his first mark on the scene with his "Character Ranking List" that ran from 2008 through 2010. This list proved to be a superb resource in providing character data and result tracking for tournaments, with no equal formed in any other fighting game community. In all, it catalogued over 500 different tournaments. Orginally from Michigan, Cheng moved to Nevada in 2011 and is often credited with helping revive their local scene by holding the Vegas Brawl Monthlies. He worked on the site VegasSmash.com, which features several new ideas for organizing a local community.

    Cheng is also heralded for his generosity. At Apex 2012, he donated over $3,000 to help fund other players travel to the event by matching donations. Cheng is currently the BBR Director of Admissions and a Smashboards.com Administrator.

    Cheng studied computer engineering at the University of Michigan.

  • Bionic
    Steven "Bionic" Chalker, is one of the hardest workers in the Smash community. After joining the scene in 2008, Chalker has made numerous invaluable contributions that helped expand and better the community. As a member of VGBootCamp he has live streamed countless tournaments, including national events like Genesis 2 and Pound 5, uploaded tournament matches, and made Brawl video guides.

    Chalker's work with VGBootCamp is just the tip of the iceberg. In 2010 he helped redesign Smashboards.com and is renowned as the go to programmer and site support. Through these skills he has helped implement Smash News, Livestreaming on the homepage, and various features to draw attention to current events in the Smash community. He is the Chief Technical Officer of Smashboards.com, a leader of the Smash Lab, and a Smashboards.com Administrator.

    Chalker is currently studying information technology at Frostburg State University.

  • God-is-my-Rock
    Calvin "GIMR" Lofton is the Co-Founder of VGbootcamp.com, the first organization dedicated to streaming Smash tournaments and providing equipment for Smash events. He has traveled to dozens of events across the country in order to provide a quality live stream for the community, often sacrificing his time and money to help bring Smash up to date with the rest of the eSports world. Lofton is also responsible for creating technical guides like his Metagame Minute series.

    Lofton currently holds weekly events and streams a series at Xanadu Games in Maryland.

    Lofton studied media arts and animation at the Art Institute of Washington (DC).
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