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Stuff N' Such Smash Weekly: Melee 2/22 | Raleigh, NC

Discussion in 'Rankings & Results' started by Dark Hart, Feb 22, 2015.

  1. Dark Hart

    Dark Hart
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    Rejected by Azua

    Mar 25, 2008
    Death Row, North Carolina

    Thank you all for coming out this week!!! We had the most entrants, for both events, that this series has seen, and I hope it will only grow from here!!! Thank you again to NEG-KDG|KoozyKris and KneeDeepGaming, and my co-TO NEG|MrBenReady, and to NEG-KDG|Stingers, NEG|Smith, and KNOWAH for helping me out with the bracket when I needed it. I would like to apologize for how the event was run: I take all the blame for this as I did not run this event nearly as efficiently as I should have, we could've finished at least 90 minutes faster and I will make sure that I will not do *(go to bottom of post) again.

    Please like our FB Page to stay updated on all of our endeavors!!!

    Here are your results!!!

    Teams Bracket: 20 Teams!!!


    1: l0zr + Fiz ($125.00)
    2: NEG KDG|Stingers + Sky ($62.50)
    3: Sharkz + Gato ($37.50)
    4: Purple + Slipnslide ($25.00)
    5: NEG|Dark Hart + RedPanda|Sneak
    5: THO + Karn
    7: NEG|Jwilli + NEG|Mr.BenReady
    7: IVsyde + Weilin
    9: ZuMa|Scrublord + Zuma|Pineapple
    9: GreyGhost + Yeroc
    9: Y-Old + Chilly City
    9: KNOWAH + Sam Warlick
    13: Zantor + Carter
    13: Roy! + Stane
    13: PoppaSquat + Auss
    13: Marzipan + Lil Good
    17: Jack + Noble J
    17: Kira + Smaug
    17: BowserPowers + Schills
    17: Kush↑ + 0023

    Singles - Final Bracket: 64 Entrants!!!


    1: l0zr:foxmelee: ($189.00)
    2: NEG-KDG|Stingers:peachmelee: ($84.00)
    3: Sky:foxmelee: ($63.00)
    4: Slasher King:marthmelee: ($42.00)
    5: NEG|Dark Hart:foxmelee: ($21.00)
    5: Weilin:peachmelee: ($21.00)
    7: Sharkz:icsmelee:
    7: IVsyde:falcomelee::foxmelee:
    9: Gato:marthmelee:
    9: Yeroc:falcomelee:
    9: THO:peachmelee:
    9: NEG|Jwilli:sheikmelee:
    13: TOMS:peachmelee::foxmelee:
    13: NEG|Smith:falcomelee::foxmelee:
    13: RedPanda|Sneak:foxmelee:
    13: Karn:marthmelee:

    Singles - Bracket Pools:


    17: Nannose
    17: NEG|MrBenReady
    17: ZuMa|Scrublord
    17: PoppaSquat
    17: Slipnslide
    17: Y-Old
    17: Purple
    17: Roy!
    25: Spextrum
    25: GT
    25: GreyGhost
    25: KNOWAH
    25: ZuMa|Pineapple
    25: Stane
    25: Kneezu$
    25: Jack
    33: NOTACOP
    33: Noah Smiff
    33: Spak
    33: zantor
    33: Collin Simon
    33: HIV-
    33: TwinkleToes
    33: lil Good
    33: Harmless
    33: John Salt
    33: AQORN
    33: Regi
    33: limetaco
    33: Mephisto
    33: DuK
    49: Carter
    49: Spextrum
    49: Auss
    49: Spencer Simon
    49: Fives
    49: Bean
    49: Schills
    49: Marzipan
    49: L
    49: BOMB
    49: Kira
    49: ChillyCity
    49: NobleJ
    49: Smaug
    49: BowserPowers
    49: Zoyy2007

    *My first issue I had was while I was making pools, I was missing an entrant and it took me 25 minutes to go through every individual entrant on the sign-up sheet multiple times until I found who was missing. Secondly, Once final bracket started, I was not very attentive to who was playing their matches, causing a lot of players to wait for the streaming set-up, by the time I realized a majority of the players were attempting to stream their sets we were already at top8 and a lot of time had been 'wasted'. Another issue was that we ran a almost all of the pools at the same time, which is not something I'm gonna do again unless we have the set-ups and I will show the pool captains how I want them to be run so that they finish efficiently.
    #1 Dark Hart, Feb 22, 2015
    Last edited: Feb 23, 2015
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  2. -ACE-

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    Gotem City Vigilante

    Sep 25, 2007
    The back country, GA

    Good **** brothas!
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  3. Marzipan

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    Smash Rookie

    Feb 20, 2015
    Jacksonville, NC
    First time going to a tournament. Have to say, it was a lot of fun. Looking forward to coming out to Bad Moon Rising!
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  4. THO

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    Smash Apprentice

    Feb 27, 2008
    Been a while!!!

    Shout out time!

    I may forget some people cuz I suck, but whatever.

    Slasher king: You rocked my world Great games. Glad I lost to someone who did so well. You have gotten way better since we last played...three years ago...hahaha. Keep it up.

    Stingers: Told you ya wouldn't beat lozr. Still, GF was great. Close ****. Next time we go play I'm gonna take it back to Brinstar baby.

    Lozr: Always the dern best. Good to see you buddy.

    Smaug: You still owe me two bucks, *****.

    Barney, aka Purple: You better beat me next time.

    Purple + Slipnslide: Yalls team work was too strong. We gonna take that **** next time.

    Random Yoshi player who's name a forgot and that dude next time him from Cary: GG. Yall gotta get better fast. Keep working on that ****. Also, learn the ****ing game.

    Kneezuz$: Keep hitting those knees man. I don't know how I beat you so bad. You were running show on everyone else in our pool right after our match. What happened man?

    Karn: We gotta step it up.

    Dark Hart: Good tourney. Real fun. Keep it up. Fix the stream though. I watch GF online and that **** was 6 pixels. All I could see was lozr shining Stingers over and over again.

    Everyone else who I am forgetting, GG. See you next time!!!
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  5. DtJ SmithZzz

    DtJ SmithZzz
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    Happy Birthday Kjell

    Oct 4, 2009
    Raleigh, NC
    i have not seen shout outs like that in years, wow
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  6. Spak

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    Hero of Neverwinter

    Jul 30, 2014
    I'm very glad I was able to come (this was my first time to SNS, second to a Melee tourney in general). Although I ended up 33rd, I went up against people WAY better than me and got a bunch of valuable experience and MU knowledge I can use to my advantage in the future. I'm not sure when I can come next (might be a busy next few weeks for me), but I'll try to come whenever I'm available.
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