Strategic Taunting


Smash Journeyman
Apr 19, 2016
Yeah it's just crouching a bunch. Because they took out taunting you come across it a lot more often.


Smash Rookie
Mar 4, 2017
This. My Villager can be quite infuriating as it is, and I usually lean more towards being an aggressive, "advancing wall of doom" lol. Let's be real, I'd be pissed too if a few small pebbles from a kid's slingshot completely stuffed out my run/jump-in's to murder said child. In any case, on the rare occasion I do play super defensively, the salt definitely intensifies to the ninth degree. I don't even need to taunt and I probably wouldn't want to either. While I care about winning, I care more about my opponent and I having a good time, but it can be difficult when your opponent starts getting tilted and frustrated with everything you do.
Yeah, sometimes you don’t even need to taunt to irritate your opponent and can be annoying in your playstyle instead. I know that :ultzelda:‘s Phantom and neutral B alone can drive people crazy, it’s funny to watch when I spam them xD