Stage Prefs for Cloud?


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Dec 24, 2018
I was wondering if anyone had personal preferences on what stages felt better or worse for them(even if it doesn't actually help you but you just like it :))? To kick things off, I'll drop my favorite and least favorite and why:

Favorite Stage: Yoshi's Story
Yoshi's is undoubtedly my favorite stage to be on as cloud. Platforms let you utilt-uair juggle your opponents, you get quick kills with limit moves at like 60-70%, and it feels like you recover just about as good as everyone else. Also, landing fair offstage and getting a free stock for it feels fantastic!

Least Favorite Stage: Pokemon Stadium 2
I know PS2 seems kinda like the default for alot of people but I actually feel like you get nothing but cons for playing Cloud on stadium. The platforms are in really weird spots that don't help you juggle at all. Getting camped isn't the worst on the stage because neutral b is a solid counter to camping in general but I feel like fighters that projectile spam get alot more out of Stadium than you do. Also, I usually lose alot of combo strings on Cloud because I'll combo them to the platform and then hit them off but I usually have nothing to hit them with after that.

Let me know what stages you think are best for a Cloud main!


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Apr 27, 2019
I like battlefield the most for the platforms. Least favorite is PS2 as well.
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