SSBU Tier Grid Maker for browser


Smash Rookie
Jan 9, 2019
Yesterday, Leffen made this tier list using a grid style common with other fighters. Since there doesn't seem to be an easy way to make this kind of thing for Smash, I made one myself.
SSBU Tier Grid Maker
Note for Chrome users: by default WebGL is disabled for some reason, so check out This Page to enable it.

Quick Tip! It can be really frustrating to place most of the characters on the grid only to realise you don't have room, so I suggest using the smallest token size. Once you have all 70+ characters on the grid they don't seem so small anymore.

Feature List:
  • Grid background
  • Place characters from the right onto the grid
  • Right click character tokens to reset them
  • Change the text to make whatever weird tier list you want
  • Change colors
  • NEW! Change token size
Big thank you to Smash Tier List for the character icons.
I also made it Open Source!

1.1 Update:
Some changes to make it more user friendly such as a SCROLLBAR WOW!
1.2 Update:
Can now change token size
Changed default resolution
Moved some things around to make it all look a little bit nicer