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Mar 28, 2018
#1 is going to be an multi-lingual, educational / informational website about Project M, primarily featuring a completely overhauled and interactive guide on how to install Project M on any platform in any region (first NTSC and PAL Wiis)

About the project
This website / platform is being developed open-source, with all legal stuff covered. Everyone can contribute in any shape or form.
It allows for fully custom translations into any number of languages and super simple setup for them. Adding support for a language for the entire platform is a matter of minutes (and then translating it).It will feature guide for installing Project M, adding support for commonly requested features like Priiloader, Nintendont and more (not discriminating people who also want to play Melee using backup loading).The site will also contain a useful collection of community translated wiki pages for explaining the differences between NTSC and PAL regarding playing Project M, explain softmodding and more.

Primary goals / project status: (5th Sep. '18)

JS translation loader​
Main infrastructure​
PHP backend for loading pages with translations​
Main page design​
Guide programming / design​
Wiki page writing etc.​

Stretch / secondary goals:
Character, stage, tech and glitch / bug quick look-up, made mobile-first and SPA-like​
The programming languages used in this project are HTML, CSS, JavaScript (JS), PHP (and 'JSON' if you wanna call it a language).
If you want to contribute you should know one of these languages. I can teach you everything else and the code is well documented.
Furthermore the project uses Bootstrap 4 (a CSS and JS library), jQuery (JS library, required for Bootstrap) and showdown.js (JS converter for generating HTML formatting from markdown syntax, used for allowing translators to use their own markdown like a forum or Discord).
All of them are included using CDNs so there are no local files (easier for overview).

Git and services used
The project is hosted on this GitLab. The current webhoster is and the domain was purchased on
Right now i'm not committing as often as i should since i'm the only developer right now.

The actual main page only holds a placeholder until something better can be shown.
Until then, you can find an abridged version of the PAL guide at and an old demo at
Here are some previews of the current pages that i'm working on or have finished:

Every bit of help is appreciated. Don't hesitate to contact me on any platform (check signature).

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