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SSB: Roster Rework Project | #41 - Lucario

Fletchking-Team Dream

Smash Apprentice
Apr 29, 2021
Fighter Info :ultlucario:

Name: Lucario
Title: The Aura Pokémon
Home: Sinnoh
Related Veterans: Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Pichu, Mewtwo, Pokémon Trainer, Greninja & Incineroar
Related Newcomers: Rillaboom, Eevee, Gardevoir, Garchomp, Zoroark & Koraidon + Miraidon
Signature Stages: Tower of Mastery & Ferrum Dojo
Copy Ability: Fighter
Series: Pokémon
Debut: Pokémon Diamond & Pearl
Voice Actors: Bill Rogers (ENG) & Kiyotaka Furushima (JPN)
Companies: Nintendo, Game Freak & The Pokémon Company

Playstyle: All-Rounder + Gimmick
Attack: 5.5/10
Defense: 4/10
Speed: 5.5/10
Size: 5/10
Weight: 4.5/10
Combos: 7/10
K.O. Power: 6/10
Recovery: 5.5/10
Movement Options: Crawl, Double Jump & Wall Jump

Gimmick: Aura Gauge
When Lucario deals damage to opponents, dodges any attack, performs a Perfect Shield or counters any attack, the Aura Gauge will fill up.
The Aura Gauge is split in two sections: The Resolve Meter used for his Normals or Aerials and the E.X. Meter used for Smashes or Specials.
Each time the Resolve Meter is completely filled up with Aura, one bar in the E.X. Meter is gained. The E.X. Meter will have four bars in total.
Some of Lucario's Normals (F Tilt, U Tilt, D Tilt, "ZL/ ZR" + "A") and any of his Aerials allow him to fire small blasts of energy if they are held.
If the "A" and "B" buttons are pressed simultaneously with the Aura Gauge completely full, Lucario temporarily takes on his Mega Evo form.

Fighter Moveset
Normal :GCA:

Jab: Close Combat - Lucario punches forward twice in a row, then finishes with an axe kick. (Origin: Pokémon Diamond & Pearl)
Jab + Hold A: Bullet Punch - Lucario punches forward at high speed, then punches harder. (Origin: Pokémon Diamond & Pearl)
Hold A: Focus Punch - Lucario powers up one of his hands and performs a lunging punch. (Origin: Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire)
Dash: Dropkick Dash - Lucario short jumps, then kicks forward, moving across a short distance. (Origin: S.S.B. for Wii U & 3DS)
F Tilt: Palm Thrust - Lucario quickly strikes forward with his arm. This can be angled diagonally up or down. (Origin: SSB Brawl)
U Tilt: Flipping Kick - Lucario quickly performs a frontflip in place while kicking upward in an overhead arc. (Origin: SSB Brawl)
D Tilt: Low Sweep - Lucario crouches down to perform a spin kick that is low to the ground. (Origin: Pokémon Black & White)
ZL/ ZR + A: Pulse Palm - Lucario claps his hands together, creating a blast of energy from them. (Origin: Pokkén Tournament)

Smash :GCCN:
F Smash: Poison Jab - Lucario covers his arm in a poisonous aura, then punches forward. (Origin: Pokémon Diamond & Pearl)
U Smash: Dark Pulse - Lucario thrusts upward with his arms to shoot a blast of dark aura. (Origin: Pokémon Diamond & Pearl)
D Smash: Rock Tomb - Lucario creates two stones of aura and slams them at the ground. (Origin: Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire)

Aerial :GCX:
N Air: Tornado Kick - Lucario spins around thrice with one foot outstretched to perform an aerial spinning kick. (Origin: None)
F Air: Thrust Kick - Lucario kicks straight forward with one of his feet. This can be performed twice in a row. (Origin: S.S.B. 64)
B Air: Swipe Kick - Lucario turns around and kicks in a forward swipe. This can be performed twice in a row. (Origin: None)
U Air: Spire Kick - Lucario kicks straight upward with one of his feet. This can be performed twice in a row. (Origin: Smash 4)
D Air: Tread Kick - Lucario rapidly kicks downward three times in a row, spiking opponents on the last kick. (Origin: SSB Brawl)

Grab ‘n’ Throws :GCZ:
Pummel: Psychic - Lucario uses one hand to fire a pulse of psychic energy at an opponent's chest. (Origin: Pokémon Stadium)
F Throw: Fling - Lucario picks up the opponent with his arms, then throws them forward. (Origin: Pokémon Diamond & Pearl)
B Throw: Fling - Lucario picks up the opponent with his arms and tosses them backward. (Origin: Pokémon Diamond & Pearl)
U Throw: Steel Beam - Lucario fires a beam of steel at the opponent to send them upward. (Origin: Pokémon Sword & Shield)
D Throw: Brick Break - Lucario quickly pins the opponent down, then karate chops them. (Origin: Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire)

Specials :GCB:
Neutral Special: Aura Sphere
Lucario puts his hands together to create a ball of energy between them, then fires it straight forward.
If Aura Sphere used while mid-air, he'll fire several smaller balls of energy that home in on opponents.
Dodging or shielding while charging up an Aura Sphere allows Lucario store the charge for future use.
(Origin: Pokémon Diamond & Pearl)

Side Special: Bone Rush/ Metal Sound
Lucario creates a bone of energy in his hands, then charges forward while thrusting forward at high speed.
After using Bone Rush he can use the energy bone to perform one of three optional fast follow-up swings.
If inputted backward, he uses his hand spikes to create a soundwave which makes anyone cover their ears.
(Origin: Pokémon Stadium 2 & Pokémon Ruby/ Sapphire)

Up Special: Extreme Speed
Lucario covers himself in a glowing green aura, then charges in any chosen direction at high speed to attack.
At the end of the charge or upon contact with an opponent, he'll perform a quick and powerful backflip kick.
If Lucario makes contact with any opponent onstage, he'll unleash a flurry of attacks and send them skyward.
(Origin: Pokémon Stadium 2)

Down Special: Force Palm/ Bulldoze
Lucario breifly charges up aura and performs a palm thrust, shooting a powerul stream of enegry forward.
If Force Palm is used in close range, he grabs the opponent with one hand, then fires energy with another.
While mid-air, Lucario performs a diving kick to create a shockwave on the ground or bury any opponent.
(Origin: Pokémon Diamond/ Pearl & Pokémon Black/ White 2)

Shield Special: Calm Mind
Lucario puts his hands together, closes his eyes, then breathes slowly while his entire body glows brightly.
As a result, both his Attack and Defense stats are increased. This also gives him a part of the Aura Gauge.
If any opponent attacks Lucario while he's meditating, he'll dodge the attack, but loose the statistic boost.
(Origin: Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire)

Jab + :GCB:: Meteor Mash
Lucario covers one of his hands in starry energy, then performs a powerful punch to send any opponent flying.
If Meteor Mash successfully hits an opponent, he'll gain a temporary boost in attack power for fifteen seconds.
(Origin: Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire)

Grab + :GCB:: Sky Uppercut
Lucario covers one of his arms in energy, then performs a fast and strong leaping uppercut on the opponent.
After using Sky Uppercut, he can follow-up with another uppercut or use one of his aerials on the opponents.
(Origin: Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire)

:GCD: + :GCR:+ :GCB:: Vacuum Wave
Lucario breifly covers one of his hands in pure glowing wind, then punches straight forward to fire a whirlwind.
If the "B" button is pressed again after using Vacuum Wave, he'll fire another whirlwind, but at the cost of aura.
(Origin: Pokémon Diamond & Pearl)

Final Smash: Metal Claw/ Focus Blast
If Lucario is in point-blank range of an opponent, he punches them in the stomach, then uses the spikes on his hands to make six claws.
After turning his spikes into claws, he'll attack the opponent with rapid claw swipes, then finish them off with an "X" shaped diving slash.
If Lucario is in any other range, he puts both of his hands together to make a large ball of energy and shoots it straight across the stage.
Metal Claw and Focus Blast become stronger with every bar added to the Aura Gauge. However, this spends the entire gauge upon use.
Activating either of those Final Smashes with the Aura Gauge completely full, Lucario Mega Evolves to use a cinemantic version of them.

Alternate Costumes
Dark Blue (Default)
Dark Red (Throh)
Yellow (Makuhita)
Green (Galade)
Orange (Emboar)
Purple (Mienshao)
Pink (Bewear)
Brown (Hitmontop)
Light Grey (Kubfu)
Lemon Yellow (Shiny Lucario)
Karate Gi (Expert)
Martial Arts Outfit
Tailored Suit (Dark Slate)
Musician Outfit
Ninja Attire (Sapphire)
Aristocrat Outfit
Bandit Outfit (Blue Spruce)
Ancient Ruins Outfit
Team Galactic Uniform
Costume Party Outfit

Stage Entrance: Lucario teleports on-screen with his entire body covered in Aura, then descends to the stage.
Idle #1: Lucario moves both of his arms in a circular motion, then returns to normal.
Idle #2: Lucario breifly outstretches his arms while slightly crouching down for a bit.
Idle #3: Lucario crosses his arms while saying "If you are not fighting me, then leave".
Mega Lucario Idle: Mega Lucario laughs tauntingly while waving one of his hands in an inviting manner.
Up Taunt: Lucario closes his eyes to sense the aura of his opponent, then reacts according to their alignment.
Side Taunt: Lucario stands on one foot, then holds one hand upward to assume a Fujian White Crane stance.
Down Taunt: Lucario floats in the air and growls while covering his entire body in aura which can hurt anyone.
Mega Lucario Taunt: Mega Lucario makes an energy bone and puts it on his shoulder as he says "It's time to finish this".
Victory Pose #1: Lucario jumps on-screen from above and strikes his signature pose while responding to his opponent.
Victory Pose #2: Lucario punches and kicks repeatedly and assumes a crane stance while saying "The aura is with me!"
Victory Pose #3: Lucario stares at an ember of aura in reflection, then clenches his hand and looks back at the camera.
Mega Lucario Victory Pose: Mega Lucario telports on-screen while covered in aura, then strikes his signature pose from X/Y.

Sound Effects
Crowd Cheer: "Go! Go! Lucario! (x3) The aura is with you!"
Victory Theme #1: Title Theme (Pokémon Red & Blue)
Victory Theme #2: Battle! - Gym Leader (X/Y) (Short Remix)
Classic Mode Credits Theme: Ferrum Dojo (New Remix)

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