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SSB: Roster Rework Project | #36 - Diddy Kong

Fletchking-Team Dream

Smash Apprentice
Apr 29, 2021
Fighter Info :ultdiddy:

Name: Diddy Kong
Title: Chimpanzee Champion
Home: Donkey Kong Island
Related Veterans: Donkey Kong & King K. Rool
Related Newcomers: Dixie Kong & Pauline
Signature Stage: Bramble Scramble
Copy Abilities: Ranger or Bomb
Series: Donkey Kong
Debut: Donkey Kong Country
Voice Actor: Katsumi Suzuki
Company: Nintendo

Playstyle: Zone-Breaker + Bait & Punish
Attack: 5.5/10
Defense: 6/10
Speed: 7.5/10
Size: 4.5/10
Weight: 5.5/10
Combos: 7/10
K.O. Power: 4/10
Recovery: 6.5/10
Movement Options: Crawl, Double Jump & Hover

Fighter Moveset
Normal :GCA:

Jab: Chimpanzee Combo - Diddy Kong performs two slaps, then finishes with a leaping sidekick (Origin: SSB for Wii U/3DS)
Dash: Chimp Cartwheel - Diddy Kong performs a quick cartwheel. The movement is influenced by any slopes. (Origin: DKC)
F Tilt: Double Punch - Diddy Kong leans to the side on one foot and thrusts forward with his arms. (Origin: SSB Wii U/ 3DS)
U Tilt: Overhead Slap - Diddy Kong short jumps while swinging upwards with one hand in an overhead arc. (Origin: S.S.B.4)
D Tilt: Crouching Clap - Diddy Kong swings both hands forward while crouching, performing a low clap. (Origin: SSB Wii U)

Smash :GCCN:
F Smash: Chimp Tail Slap - Diddy Kong swings forward two times with his tail while moving a bit. (Origin: Donkey Kong 64)
U Smash: Jumping Jab - Diddy Kong jumps whilst performing three uppercuts with arms and leg. (Origin: SSB Wii U/ 3DS)
D Smash: Popgun Pound - Diddy Kong shoots the ground with his Peanut Popguns, creating shockwaves. (Origin: D.K.C.R.)

Aerial :GCX:
N Air: Chimp Cartwheel - Diddy Kong performs a mid-air cartwheel, attacking all sides with his limbs. (Origin: D.K Country)
F Air: Screw Dropkick - Diddy Kong spins thrice in a corkscrew-esque fashion while performing a dropkick. (Origin: S.S.B.4)
B Air: Backpedal Kick - Diddy Kong quickly spins around to perform a backward roundhouse kick. (Origin: SSB Wii U/ 3DS)
U Air: Overhead Kick - Diddy Kong performs a quick backflip while kicking up in an overhead arc. (Origin: SSB Wii U/ 3DS)
D Air: Primate Hammer - Diddy Kong swings both of his hands downward, spiking anyone below. (Origin: SSB Wii U/ 3DS)

Grab ‘n’ Throws :GCZ:
Pummel: Simian Slap - Diddy Kong slaps the opponent in the face. He'll rapidly slap them if "A" is mashed. (Origin: None)
F Throw: Barrel Toss - Diddy Kong picks up the opponent with both hands, then throws them like a barrel. (Origin: D.K.C.)
B Throw: Barrel Toss - Diddy Kong picks up the opponent with both hands, then throws them like a barrel. (Origin: D.K.C.)
U Throw: Simian Spring - Diddy Kong throws the opponent up, then hits them with a tail spring headbutt. (Origin: DK 64)
D Throw: Diddy Dunk - Diddy Kong performs a slam dunk on the opponent, throwing them to the ground. (Origin: SSB4)

Specials :GCB:
Neutral Special: Peanut Popguns

Diddy Kong uses the Peanut Popguns to simutaneously fire two peanuts that bounce on the ground.
Mashing "B" rapidly fires peanuts from the popguns. Holding "B" makes them fire explosive peanuts.
Peanuts also bounce off any opponent, shield or wall. Diddy Kong always bring 50 peanuts to battle.
(Origin: Donkey Kong 64)

Side Special: Chimpy Charge
Diddy Kong goes on all fours, runs in place for a breif moment and charges, performing a headbutt dash.
This allows him to dodge projectiles and break shields. Pressing "A" makes him perform the Monkey Flip.
If successful, Diddy will scratch the opponent and follow up with a double chop (A) or footstool jump (B).
(Origin: Donkey Kong 64 & Super Smash Bros. Brawl)

Up Special: Barrel Jet Boost
Diddy Kong activates the Barrel Jet mode on his backpack, charges it up and soars in any chosen direction.
The longer "B" is held down, then farther Diddy Kong flies. He can use the Peanut Popguns while doing so.
If "Y/ X" is pressed or Diddy Kong his attacked during flight, the Barrel Jet will fly away as a homing missile.
(Origin: Donkey Kong 64)

Down Special: Orange Grenade
Diddy Kong takes out an Orange Grenade, breifly aims, then pulls the pin to throw it forward in an arc.
Orange Grenades detonate in 5 seconds, allowing Diddy Kong or his teamates/ opponents to throw it.
Diddy Kong only brings twenty Orange Grenades in his backpack and can't toss more than 2 at a time.
(Origin: Donkey Kong 64)

Shield Special: Banana Peel
Diddy Kong takes a banana out of his backpack, eats it and tosses the banana peel forward/backward.
Any opponent who moves on a Banana Peel either slips and fall on their but or slides across the stage.
Diddy Kong has five bananas in his backpack per stock and can't use anymore once they have run out.
(Origin: Mario Kart & Super Smash Bros. Brawl)

Final Smash: Barrel Jet Barrage
Diddy Kong activates the Barrel Jet function on his backpack, then pulls out the Peanut Popguns before flying off-screen.
He'll reappear soaring across the screen in multiple directions while rapidly firing peanuts in the same direction he goes.
Afterwards, Diddy Kong will stop and fly toward the opponent closest to him, attacking them with an explosive Barrel Jet.

Alternate Costumes
Brown & Red (Default)
Red (Classic Donkey Kong)
Blue (Swanky Kong | DKC2)
Yellow (Player 2 | DKC)
Green (D.K. 64 Multiplayer)
Orange (Lanky Kong)
Purple (Player 2 | DKC2)
Blonde & Pink (Dixie Kong)
White & Blue (Super Kong)
Krunch's Jacket
Bumper's Helmet
Banjo's Backpack
Conker's Hoodie
Tiptup's Gloves
Pipsy's Sailor Suit
Timber's Rare Cap
Wizpig's Costume
Strikers Outift (Charged)
Strikers Outfit (Barrel)


Stage Entrance: Diddy Kong lands onstage with his Barrel Jetpack, then performs a quick backflip afterwards.
Idle #1: Diddy Kong cheerfully jumps in place for a moment.
Idle #2: Diddy Kong takes off his cap and scratches his head.
Idle #3: Diddy Kong yawns, then stretches out both his arms.
Up Taunt: Diddy Kong plays with an Orange Grenade like a football, then puts it away.
Side Taunt: Diddy Kong twirls around the Peanut Popguns before striking a cool pose.
Down Taunt: Diddy Kong takes out his boombox, dancing with his sunglasses for a bit.
Victory Pose #1: Diddy Kong juggles five orange grenades in his hands, then stikes a pose with one of them.
Victory Pose #2: Diddy Kong uses the Peanut Popguns to fire several peanuts, then strikes a pose with them.
Victory Pose #3: Diddy Kong performs a breakdance, then claps both feet together while his boombox is on.

Sound Effects
Crowd Cheer: "Diddy Kong!" 3 Claps (3x) "Go, go, go!"
Victory Theme #1: "Bonus Game (Win)"
Victory Theme #2: "Level Clear" (DKC2 | Diddy)
Classic Mode Credits Theme: Stickerbrush Symphony (Remix)

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