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SSB: Roster Rework Project | #02 - Donkey Kong

Fletchking-Team Dream

Smash Apprentice
Apr 29, 2021
Fighter Info :ultdk:

Name: Donkey Kong
Title: King of the Kongs
Home: Donkey Kong Island
Related Veterans:
Diddy Kong & King K. Rool
Related Newcomers: Dixie Kong & Pauline
Signature Stages: Kongo Jungle & Construction Site (25m)
Copy Abilities: Fighter or Wheel
Series: Donkey Kong
Debut: Donkey Kong (1981) or Donkey Kong Country
Voice Actor: Takashi Nagasako
Company: Nintendo

Playstyle: Powerhouse + Bait & Punish
Attack: 7.5/10
Defense: 6/10
Speed: 5.5/10
Size: 7/10
Weight: 6.5/10
Combos: 4/10
K.O. Power: 5/10
Recovery: 5.5/10
Movement Options: Crawl & Double Jump

Fighter Moveset
Normal :GCA:

Jab: Primate Pummel - Donkey Kong performs two overhead arm swings, then finishes with a clap attack. (Origin: Punch Out)
Dash: Kong Roll - Donkey Kong curls into a ball while moving forward. He'll gain momentum via Slopes. (Origin: DK Country)
F Tilt: Simian Slap - Donkey Kong performs two slaps with his right hand. Both slaps can be angled. (Origin: Donkey Kong 64)
U Tilt: Ape Upper - Donkey Kong performs a quick arm swing upwards in an overhead arc. (Origin: Super Smash Bros. Melee)
D Tilt: Simian Sweep - Donkey Kong crouches down while performing a left handed swipe. (Origin: Super Smash Bros. Melee)

Smash :GCCN:
F Smash: Giant Punch - Donkey Kong winds up his arm, then performs a powerful straight. (Origin: Super Smash Bros. Melee)
U Smash: Kong Clap - Donkey Kong swings upward with both hands for an overhead clap. (Origin: Donkey Kong Jungle Beat)
D Smash: Hand Slam - Donkey Kong slaps the ground with his hands, causing an earthquake. (Origin: Donkey Kong Country)

Aerial :GCX:
N Air: Simian Spin - Donkey Kong outstretches both of his arms while spinning around swiftly. (Origin: Super Smash Bros. 64)
F Air: Hammer Hands - Donkey Kong swings overhead with both arms, spiking anyone underneath. (Origin: Donkey Kong 64)
B Air: Kong Kickback - Donkey Kong swiftly kicks backward to attack anyone thats behind him. (Origin: Super Smash Bros. 64)
U Air: Backflip Kick - Donkey Kong swiftly performs a backflip midair whilst kicking straight upward. (Origin: Donkey Kong 64)
D Air: Simian Stomp - Donkey Kong kicks straight downward with one of his feet. This also spikes anyone. (Origin: SSB Melee)

Grab ‘n’ Throws :GCZ:
Pummel: Kong Knoggin - Donkey Kong headbutts the opponent while holding them with both his hands. (Origin: SSB Melee)
F Throw: Gorilla Kick - Donkey Kong handstands while performing a lunging kick with both his feet. (Origin: Donkey Kong 64)
B Throw: Gorilla Toss - Donkey Kong tosses the opponent backward with one hand whilst turning around. (Origin: SSB Melee)
U Throw: Simian Slingshot - Donkey Kong tosses the opponent straight upward with just one of his arms. (Origin: SSB Melee)
D Throw: Simian Slam - Donkey Kong jumps above the opponent, then slams them with both arms. (Origin: Donkey Kong 64)

Specials :GCB:
Neutral Special: Jungle Beatin'

Donkey Kong winds up one of his arms, then unleashes a powerful straight punch that stuns any opponent.
If the straight connects, Donkey Kong will rapidly punch the opponent for three (min) or ten (max) seconds.
Tilt the left stick forward/backward, upward or downward to finish with a clap attack, uppercut or arm slam.
(Origin: Donkey Kong Jungle Beat)

Side Special: Barrel Throw
Donkey Kong picks up a barrel before bowling it with one hand, making it move across the stage for a moment.
The barrels momentum is influenced by slopes or ramps and can be broken by any opponent's attack for items.
Barrels can be thrown to bounce (↗ + B) or placed onto the ground (↘ + B). DK can only throw three barrels.
(Origin: Donkey Kong | 1981)

Up Special: Barrel Cannon
Donkey Kong spawns a Barrel Cannon, then jumps inside of it before he launches himself in any chosen direction.
Afterwards, the Barrel Cannon stays for 15 seconds, allowing someone else to use it a second time before it goes.
The Barrel Cannon explodes if used a third time or attacked. Press "A" afterward to make Spinning Kong stronger.
(Origin: Donkey Kong Country)

Down Special: Cargo Bag
Donkey Kong quickly takes out his bag, then swings overhead with it to capture any opponent infront of him.
Afterward, he puts the bag on his shoulder, allowing him to carry the captured opponent anywhere he wants.
To throw the opponent, press any of the D-Pad Buttons. Press the "B" button or "L/R" to do a spinning throw.
(Origin: Mario vs Donkey Kong)

Shield Special: Acoustic Clap
Donkey Kong performs a powerful clap, making a large radius soundwave, stunning any opponents in range.
Soundwaves can be used to halt/ destroy the opponent's projectiles or grab a nearby item in medium range.
This also effects DK's Barrels, making them faster when bowled and tossed or make explode when put down.
(Origin: Donkey Kong Jungle Beat)

Final Smash: Kong Clobbering
Donkey Kong unleashes a powerful uppercut that sends the opponent flying towards Cranky's Cabin if the attack was successful.
Once the opponent disrupts Cranky Kong with their crash landing, both DK & CK rapidly attack them with fists and cane attacks.
Finally, DK & CK use Barrel Cannons to launch themselves into space and punch the moon itself, crushing down their opponent.

Alternate Costumes
Brown (Default)
Red (Classic DK)
Blue (Enguarde)
Yellow (Mugly)
Green (Squawk)
Purple (Karate Kong)
Pink (Professor Chops)
White (Super Kong)
Grey (Rambi)
Black (Ba-Boom)
DK Jr.'s Leotard
Diddy Kong's Cap
Dixie Kong's Beret
Guerrilla Shackles
Boxing Gloves
Gladiator Costume
Cyber Kong 2.0
Strikers Outfit (Charged)
Strikers Outfit (Muscle)
Funky Kong Outfit


Stage Entrance: Donkey Kong jumps out of a DK Barrel and strikes his flexing pose from Tropical Freeze.
Idle #1: Donkey Kong scratches one of his armpits.
Idle #2: Donkey Kong shakes himself to dry his fur.
Idle #3: Donkey Kong sits down and plays a game.
Up Taunt: Donkey Kong rapidly beats his chest while gibbering in joy.
Side Taunt: Donkey Kong goes into his bag for a Banana or Mini Toy.
Down Taunt: Donkey Kong breifly sits down to play his bongo drums.
Victory Pose #1: Donkey Kong swings into camera view with two vines, then strikes his signature pose.
Victory Pose #2: Donkey Kong lies down on his Mini Toy bag while eating out of a big pile of Bananas.
Victory Pose #3: Donkey Kong plays his bongo drums for a moment and strikes a Donkey Konga pose.

Sound Effects
Crowd Cheer: "DK! Donkey Kong! DK! Donkey Kong is here!"
Victory Theme #1: "Bonus Game (Win)"
Victory Theme #2: "Kingdom Clear!"
Classic Mode Credits Theme: "Staff Credits (Tropical Freeze)"

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