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Spring Lake Open 2 Results Thread


Smash Apprentice
Jul 28, 2013
Spring Lake/East Lansing
Another great year of SLO, for all you who choose to not drive out you missed out on pools, 2 double elim brackets, a teams round robin and draft crews so get wrecked I guess.

Shoutouts to
Goon for being a quality Co-TO
Ginger for winning and selling himself so a KZOO car would come
Lansing for driving out
SL for having such a strong showing (10 people from SL at this tourney plus like 5-6 more for friendlies)
Pezy for winning a super hype ass match at his first tourney
Everybody who came out
Shibby for saying he wouldn't get salty then getting salty
Everything that happened in draft crews (falco dittos on fourside, shining people off of walk offs on flatzone, the hype end on Mushroom kingdom 2 etc)
Inverse to scrubs who cant drive more than 10 min

Melee Singles Placings, 21 paid entrants*$10 entry- $20 to juggleguy= $190 prize pool
(smashboards rankings are being funky ill try to get them working)
1. Ginger :falcomelee: $114
2. The Oak :jigglypuffmelee: $57
3. Ju4n :falcomelee: $19
4. Zbet :marthmelee::foxmelee::falcomelee:
5. Datrooph:falcomelee:
5. Tran:foxmelee:
7. Cho :sheikmelee:
7. Kuyashi :sheikmelee:
9. Goonsquad :falcomelee::foxmelee: (am bracket champ)
9. Coupkey :falcomelee: (didnt enter am bracket)
9. Shibby :foxmelee::drmario:(didnt enter am bracket)
12. Lucy :jigglypuffmelee: :falcomelee: (am bracket runner up)
13. DeepCsquid :ganondorfmelee:
14. Stif :foxmelee::marthmelee:
15. Lil G :marthmelee:
15. Phadrus
17. Kroo :dkmelee:
17. Pezy :linkmelee:
19. Frey :ganondorfmelee:
19. JumboShrimp :marthmelee:
19. Level99lilB
22. Camb
22. Doge

Link to pro bracket

FYI anyone who didnt get top 8 in pro had the option to drop down to a double elim am bracket, thats where placings came from.

Link to Am bracket Winners


Melee Doubles Placing 5 team RR, 5 entrants*$10 entry= $50 Prize Pool
1. Ginger and Cho (8-1) $40
2. Kuyashi and Lucy (6-4) $10
3. Ju4n and The Oak (5-4)
4. Shibby and Tran (3-6)
5. Stif and Goonsquad (1-8)
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