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WoL Spreadsheet about every spirits, their stats and efficiency in battle


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Hello there,
I'm new on SmashBoards and I wanted to share my work on spirits that I've been working on for two weeks.
Now you may have already seen something similar here because I didn't search on every website if someone had already done exactly what I did (which is a huge mistake from my part and a possible waste of time), but I think I went further. The list I'm presenting to you contains every multipliers from almost every spirits (the reasons some of them are still missing are indicated in the guide I made for the spreadsheet).
From this list I could deduce which spirits were actually useful and are technically the only ones that must be trained.
I really hope this hasn't been done, otherwise I'm gonna be really sad, and if not, then I hope it will help. If this list does help you, please let me know and I'll continue working on it.

The Spreadsheet
The Guide about the Spreadsheet

If you notice anything weird or would like to submit an idea please PM me.
Once again, every information I know is still missing is indicated in the guide.
English is not my native language so I may have made mistakes here.
Lastly if after checking my work you know something similar has already been done, please let me know where I can find it and remove this post.

Thank you for reading, have fun playing !

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Hello ! I just completed the list of all secondary spirits in the game !
The locations of all spirits as well as the secondary spirits multipliers will be added progressively !

Even though my post is pretty much unseen here, I still hope it'll continue to help you.
Have fun playing !

Deleted member

Hello !
The list has been edited for the 3.0 update, adding spirits from the Persona series.

None of the new Primary Spirits has an utility unfortunately. However the legendary Support Spirit Phantom Thieves of Hearts comes with a new trait Item Autograb, allowing you to automatically pick up nearby items when you're not running.

Have fun everyone !
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Dec 14, 2018
How are you making this spreadsheet? Is it manually created or do you have some way to create it from data tables?

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The guide has been updated for 4.0.0 ! Its design has also been revised a bit.
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