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Sourspot dair/fair/bair jab reset ranges


Smash Cadet
Jul 23, 2015
Turns out sourspot dair/fair/bair jab resets at various percents for various characters. Here's the percent ranges at which they'll work:
Sour D-air-
  • % range is only weight dependent
  • Minimum % is 0 for all characters (assumed after testing 10 characters)
  • Max % is (goes by multiples of 5, you can interpolate to approximate exact %s)
    • 55 if weight is less than 65
    • 60 if weight is less than 77
    • 65 if weight is less than 89
    • 70 if weight is less than 101
    • 75 if weight is less than 113
    • 80 if weight is less than 125
Sour B-air/F-air-
  • Cannot determine % range variables. Based on neither weight nor fall speed (please replay if you see a pattern & I will edit this post with credit given to you).
  • Minimum % is 0 for all characters (see above assumption justification)
  • List of characters & their corresponding maximum % where bair/fair will jab reset:
    • 10%- Ivy, Jiggs
    • 15%- Samus, Sonic
    • 20%- Marth, ROB
    • 25%- Snake, Zard
    • 30%- IC, Tink, Wario
    • 35%- Bowser, Roy
    • 40%- Diddy, Squirtle
    • 45%- ZSS
    • 50%- Ganon
    • 55%- Wolf
How to practice these jab resets:
  1. Go to Training, choose any character
  2. Choose any stage
  3. Choose the "Jump" option for the NPC
  4. Footstool them. They don't tech those.
  5. Fast fall and space the dair/fair/bair so you sourspot & jab reset.
  6. Try grabbing the opponent before they start jumping again. Usually, they'll jump then mid-air jump. You know you did ok if you grab them & don't see the blueish circles indicating a mid-air jump.
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Smash Cadet
Jul 23, 2015
Whoops, forgot to add a nifty way to practice these. Updated to add this.


Mar 31, 2011
New York
Did you attempt to buffer options out of these? I don't imagine them being true jab resets for very long.


Smash Cadet
Jul 23, 2015
Thanks for the feedback Boiko Boiko forgot to test for that. Just tested on Ganon & Squirtle. Sadly yes, sour fair/bair reduces the max % by about 75% if you SDI upwards (ie for Squirtle, 40% falls to 10%, granted you only have a 4 frame window to SDI). Simply DI-ing upwards only reduces the max by about 5% points.

However, SDI-ing sour dair isn't nearly as effective, my guess being due to it's downward angle(?). Ganon's weight is about 110 (so max should be about 75%) & even with 4 SDI inputs (regardless of direction) still gets a jab reset @ 70% w/ sour dair and can't buffer a roll in either direction until 75% (like before, I tested in 5% increments).

So basically the sour dair is the way to go & the sour bair/fair is for if your opponent is @ less than 10% or you're going for style.
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