Sonic Joins Brawl Minus

Dec 18, 2015
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Nearly a week ago, the creators of Brawl Minus announced that a new character that will be joining their 40 character roster: Sonic the Hedgehog!

"Longtime Minus fans will be very familiar with Sonic," the Brawl Minus devs told Smashboards. "We think he's perfectly busted. Special thanks to our new editing team for stepping up and allowing us to make these videos again."

The creators of Brawl Minus are are also looking for feedback to improve the game; you can join the Brawl Minus forums here. Additionally, you also submit your Brawl Minus gameplay clips for the next official video here.

So, what do you think? Are there any other things you want to see from Brawl Minus Sonic? What other characters do want to see in Brawl Minus? Let us know in the comments below!
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