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Solo Practice Routine


Smash Rookie
Dec 11, 2015
Boston, MA
Hi all,

After spending about a half an hour today aimlessly doing random Sheik tech practice, I decided to come up with a solid practice routine I can do every day. I took inspiration and help from several smashers including Laudandus, S2J, Trip, and Rasen. If anyone can look over it and tell me if there's something I'm missing, please let me know. I'm also not sure how much time I want to devote to each item on the list, so if you can give me some insight into that, it would be much appreciated.

-1v3 ICs Team, Friendly Fire Off

-Wavedash OoS
-Dash/Dashdance to Wavedash
-Smashturn to Action (Wavedash Back, Tilt, etc)
-Stage Wavelands (Left, Right, Down)

-Platform Wavelands (Left, Right, Down)
-Isai Drop
-Shield Drop to Aerial
-Shield Drop to Waveland onto/below Platform (Left, Right, Down)

-Wavedash FF to Ledge (BF&Yoshi's Story)
-SH RNC FF to Ledge
-SH RNC Wavedash FF to Ledge

-Shino Stall (Down, Away)
-Sami Stall
-DJ Sweetspot Stall
-Invincible Ledgedash
-Invincible Ledgedash to Tilt, Jab, Grab
-Aerials from Ledge

-Jab out of Run
-JC/Boost Grab (Alternate)
-Nair (OoS, Late)
-Bair (Rising, AC, Late, OoS)
-Fair (Rising, AC, Late)
-Upsmash (JC, OoS)
-Movement In/Out of Tilts (Wavedash, Dash)
-SH Needle into Grab, Ftilt, Downsmash
-Fair into Grab
-Kill Nana
-Sheik Ditto Chaingrab


Smash Rookie
Aug 26, 2015
Lake Mary, Florida

AC Fair to waveland, sh rnc to waveland are both decent movement options worth being able to execute.
Dash Back out of crouch is good to practice
Dash Back in general is also(I practice the fox chain grab for this)

To Ledge

Run Off Vanish(delays ledge grab if you need the late invincibility, can catch different recoveries.

On Ledge

Reverse Up B low onto ledge


I would add punishes on floaties/Balanced. I spend 10 minutes practicing followups to the random di on my attacks vs Marth.
I would also add RNC Back Air from platforms -> offstage to that. People sometimes lose momentum when they do it so getting that down to 100% consistency for edge guards could help.

*Just some stuff I also practice. Even if you have some stuff down, its still good to review it consistently.
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