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Snorlax, slumbers in!


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May 27, 2019
Waiting for Latias and Latios to get a theme
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That's right, Pokemons laziest pokemon joins the battle! Well, not actually. Snorlax is the Sleeping Pokémon, Pokedex number #143. Snorlax is one of the most iconic of all the gen 1s, and has appeared in every smash game thus far as a pokeball summon, being one of three to have appeared in every smash game, the others being mew and goldeen, and out of all of these, the only damaging one. For ideas, Snorlax laziness is reflected in game by being one of the slowest, heaviest characters in the game, being heavier than other heavyweights like Ridley, Bowser, DK, and Charizard. Anyways, moveset.

Basic Hit: Pounds with arm

Forward Tilt: Kicks with foot

Down Tilt: Falls on ground before getting up

Up Tilt: Moves head upwards

Forward Smash: Kicks Forward

Up Smash: Punches upwards

Down Smash: Slams downwards

Neutral Air: Spreads itself out

Forward Air: Moves its belly forward

Back Air: Moves it’s back to hit foes

Up Air: Basically, Bowser and Dk’s up air

Neutral Special: Yawn, sends out a yawn. If it hits an opponent, the opponent will fall asleep two seconds after it hits.

Side Special: High Horsepower, charges up before charging forward. Doesn’t have to be charged.

Up Special: Heavy Slam, Snorlax spins upwards, and then slams down. Snorlax can move left and right during the move, and depending on the opponent’s weight, it will deal more or less damage. If the opponent is a lightweight, it will deal little damage. If the opponent is a heavyweight however, they will take a lot more damage.

Down Special: Earthquake, Basically Dk’s down special.

Up Taunt: Waves to the screen

Side Taunt: Takes a quick nap

Down Taunt: Falls asleep while yawning

Final Smash, Flattening Pancake. Snorlax turns giant and rises into the air. It then slams down. Acts just like it’s pokeball variant.

Best I could think of, but lets talk pros and cons.

Being a good non villain heavyweight
Great Gen 1 rep
Can be pictured actually fighting

Is already a pokeball summon, basically deconfirming him
A bit farfetch'd (couldn't help myself there)
Yet another gen 1 rep

Overall, Snorlax is a good rep, but is not going to appear in ultimate. Lets rally up support for next game at least!

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