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Smashing the trial! - Dwight Fairfield for Smash Bros

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going to call Dead by Daylight, DbD for short.

Who is Dwight?
Dwight Fairfield is one of the survivors from the hit game "Dead by Daylight". Described as a "Nervous Leader", Dwight is considered by many as the default survivor, and one of the 4 original survivors, also being the survivor you play in the survivor tutorial. (I think he is featured the most in trailers DbD has), And, if worth anything, he looks like Mathieu Cote, who is one of the more important devs on the game, and also memed a lot (he's doing a pretty good job so far).

What does he have going for him?
  • If Persona 5 Joker got in, then Dwight could've been considered. DbD came out before Persona 5, so if Persona 5 Joker got in, Dwight could've been considered.
  • Behaviour Interactive (the guys that made DbD) actually have a long history with Nintendo, may have miscounted, but if this site is true (Wikipedia), and I haven't miscounted, they made over 80 games for Nintendo platforms (if counting one game being on 2 Nintendo consoles as 2, and before they were behavior).
  • DbD is coming to the switch.
  • It's still popular and successful. If it wasn't successful I don't think they could've afford Ash from "Ash vs Evil Dead" as a survivor to be released.
  • Dwight would be unique, and there hasn't been anyone like him in Smash.

What does he have going against him?
  • He can't jump.
  • He can't jump.
  • I'm looking at you, Captain Toad.
  • He can't jump.
  • He doesn't have too many supporters, all the 3rd party fighters (with the exception of Richter) were heavily demanded and asked for in Smash.
  • Dwight isn't really a fighter.
  • Move set would be hard to implement.
Move set Concept:
Unique System: Exhaustion:
To remove exhaustion, you can only crouch or walk, you remove no exhaustion when running.
Unique System: Perks:
after you pick the costume, you see a list of perks (kinda like what it looks like when you select Mii Fighter, then you must pick the mii you would like to play, except you replace the miis with perks.
Here are some of the perks to be chosen:
  • Adrenaline: In the last 10 seconds of the game, Dwight's movement speed is increased by double for 3 seconds, and he is healed by 25%. Gains exhaustion for 40 seconds.
  • Prove Thyself (Team Battle Only Perk): Whenever a team mate is 6 meters (I guess, don't know Smash measurments) near you, you repair gens 10% faster.
  • Urban Evasion: Your crouch walking (oh, btw, Dwight can crouch walk) is as fast as your regular walking.
  • Sprint Burst: When Dwight runs, he moves twice his movement speed for 3 seconds, gains exhaustion for 40 seconds.
(Going to expand this further, but I want to get this done before bed time, so yea, will edit later)

Move set:
Up special: The Hatch:
A hatch spawns below Dwight, and he jumps in. You move a dot to spawn the next hatch in 2 seconds, then the second hatch spawns, you move the direction of the hatch, and Dwight pops out of it, he deals 5% damage.
Side Special: Vault:
Dwight fast vaults a window that appears out of nowhere, dealing 15% damage, and is a good recovery.
Neutral Special: Flashlight Blind:
Dwight takes out a flashlight, He can point it at any direction, does 5% damage each second, little knockback, lasts for 10 seconds. Must wait 6 seconds before using again.
Down Special: Gen Repair:
Dwight summons a gen, it takes 40 seconds to repair without a perk. He can get off it and get back on, but can't spawn another until he finishes what he started. Does 60% damage with decent knockback.

If there are any suggestions, plz tell me, I don't know if I'm good at explaining this, have any questions, feel free to ask. And like I said earlier, I need to sleep, so I will finish this, in the very least, before the end of this week.
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