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SmashBoards Creates: Super Smash Bros Insanity


Smash Cadet
Oct 5, 2019
Imagine a Super Smash Bros game where everything is possible, even Non-Video game chacaters, Here's how it works I'll give you a franchise and something related to said franchise, and you'll give me a list of potienal things fitting said topic these are the topics we have(Yes characters will be able to multiple roles at once)

-Chacaters whether a Veteran Rework or a Newcomer
-Stages Returning and New
-Items Returning and New
-Bosses/Stage Bosses Returning and New
-Assist Trophies Returning and New
-Pokeball Pokemon Returning and New
-Mii Costumes Returning and New
-Music New Music, Returning Music, Remixes etc.
-Spirts New and Returning
-Game Modes new and changes to old ones

Part 1: Super Mario Part 1: Mario Veteran Rework
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