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Smashboards creates Future Smashers


Smash Cadet
Dec 12, 2020
"It's not over yet, let's SMASH until the end!"

In case you're unaware, Future Smashers is an unofficial art project in relation to the famous Nintendo franchise "Super Smash Bros." which is a fighting game with platforming elements under the creation of Masahiro Sakurai who was also responsible of creating the Kirby franchise so many attributes when making Smash Bros came from the Kirby games, it's a fanart project where I make fanart of characters who are not playable in official Super Smash Bros titles as fighter but make appearances in non-playable capabilities whether it'd be as an enemy, boss, Assist Trophy, stage hazard examples include Waluigi and countless others!

This was a sole art-project I re-did last year, and I decided I want to make more of because there's a large amount of highly dedicated Smash players that love to see their favourite character being added to a Super Smash Bros. game having a major role or just making an appearance in general. Smash Bros is not only about fighters, it's a celebration of video game collaborations throughout video game history.

You can ask for any video game character you want me to draw, several people have suggested me to draw different characters through different social media websites (DeviantArt, Reddit, Twitter, Tumblr) so I said to myself, why not?
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