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Melee Smash Scene (Johnstown, PA)


Smash Rookie
May 31, 2009

I was wondering if there is already an existing Smash scene (Any version of Smash - or all) located at all in the Johnstown/ Richland area. This sounds pretty niche considering anyone that is from the Pittsburgh region would go to either Pittsburgh or State College for tournaments.

I saw a thread not to long ago -- someone was trying to get a tournament going at UPJ (https://smashboards.com/threads/apr-9-2017-dont-stop-crouching-johnstown-pa.446678/). Not sure if it ever panned out successfully, or not. I reached out to them regarding that but they only made that one post - hopefully they come back online!

Anyway, does anyone (locally) here in the Johnstown area - or any other suburban town in proximity (perhaps 30 minutes or less away) that plays in the Smash? It can be any version of Smash - but were looking for more people willing to get a group going - and perhaps a smaller scene going at some point.

Let me know if your in the Johnstown area and think this a good idea. All opinions are welcome.
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