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Mar 9, 2019
When the game came out i was really hyped about the new mechanics in smash bros ultimate like gsp and preferred rulesets, but preferred rulesets are gsp is all just an illusion, when you beat someone with 3,gsp and you have 200k, you gain 100k, but when you loose to someone with lower gsp, your gsp goes down by half, now this doesnt seem that bad because youre supposed to be better than them, but then come in "preferred rulesets". i say can i have a 1v1 2 stock 3 mins no items, the game says oh you wanted a stamina battle ffa with items? i dont even think they have any matchmaking, when you have 80kgsp you get people with 3m gsp and then it lowers more untill your stuck with ffas or items or stamina. ive gotten 8 battles in a row that arent my ruleset, and about 60% of my battles arent my ruleset, and on paper this looks ok but your supposed to get you "preferred rules" and not some random persons ruleset where they spam one move and pick up items to win.
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