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Smash Direct confirmed for 8.8.2018 Predictions? Wants?


Smash Journeyman
Jul 12, 2014
Hello all! What do you wanna see for the smash direct for 8.8.2018?

I wanna see more info on echos and if they have their own character slot or what.

I also wanna see the status on shadow!

Share what you hope for below.


Smash Legend
Sep 22, 2012
I know we’re getting at least a newcomer and 98% of potential newcomers would make me happy.

What I truly need to know is if we’re getting a new story mode. That would be so hype!

Spydr Enzo

Smash Ace
Jun 15, 2009
I feel like it’s almost certain we’re going to see a newcomer. As for who it will be, it’s up in the air. Popular choices include characters like Dixie Kong, King K. Rool, Dark Samus (Echo), Bandana Waddle Dee, a new Pokemon (several fit this category), Isabelle, Ashley, Shadow (Echo), Simon Belmont, Heihachi, and others. Could be something no one is expecting.

I would also like to see a story mode, but I doubt we’ll get one. If anything, I’d put my bets on a fleshed out “adventure mode” like Melee’s but more deep and non-repetitive.

We’re probably going to see some new game modes, maybe stuff that no one is expecting. Overall, I think the direct will focus on new game modes and features with at least one newcomer reveal since the last information focused mainly on characters and their playstyles/mechanics.
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Smash Lord
Jun 5, 2018
I'm not even going to try predicting which exact newcomer(s) will show up, because it feels like anybody could be revealed at this point. I'll just make these predictions:

A) 2 newcomers
B) A couple more returning stages and a brand new one (possibly a full showcase of the New Donk City stage?)
C) Some love on the single-player front as well since our knowledge of game modes are pretty non-existent. A return of HRC, Classic Mode, and maybe a brand new mode (or a confirmed return of Smash Run) sounds pretty good already.
D) Misc. stuff like more notable character changes and possibly a few disconfirmations as well.


Smash Lord
Jun 22, 2018
With somewhat lofty expectations:

1) A unique newcomer
2) An echo fighter
3) Story mode/Adventure mode
4) Other single player modes
5) Maybe some online modes


Smash Legend
Sep 22, 2012
Honestly, part of the reason I’m watching is for the disconfirmations. If it’s characters I want, at least I didn’t get my hopes up too much, and if somebody survives, that makes them likelier, right? ...Right?

Deleted member

I want my depression gone.
I predict that it will stay.


Smash Hero
Oct 17, 2007

2 newcomers (out of Simon Belmont, Isabelle, Echo Fighter, maybe King K. Rool) Though in a way an unpredictable character seems just as likely somehow. We all remember the Robin/Lucina reveal.

Some more old and new stages revealed.

Old/new modes revealed and discussed.

Some former assist trophies that have support behind them will fall as assist trophies. (Isaac, Ashley, Skull Kid, Dark Samus, Shadow, Ray, Saki etc)

I think my wants should be fairly obvious from my signature, though I'd like to get a look at what kind of story mode we're getting.


Smash Ace
Mar 29, 2018
Anything new and exciting is okay by me! Even more confirmation of returning stages and modes is going to get me hyped! And of course any newcomer that's unique and cool would be amazing to see! Took off work that day, hoping to have some friends over to watch the stream like we did for the E3 direct earlier this year!


Smash Ace
Jun 5, 2018
Newcomers and Echoes (I think the newcomer has to be Rayman)
New and Returning Stages
New Final Smashes FYI (Change Peach Awful FS)
New Modes


Smash Rookie
Jul 29, 2018
Here’s my wants/predictions
We get a new story mode
It’s starts of with a bandanna dee reveal in the middle we get an echo in dark samus and at the end we get impa (Hyrule Warriors design)
We get online details
We get amiibo functionality details and first looks at most to all
We find out more returning stages and a couple new ones (Snipperclips,Minecraft)
We get word of when next direct and smash direct are
And they end it all with an announcement that you can download a demo now but it only has the O.G roster


The Eternal Will of the Swarm
Jul 4, 2007
Geno all the way. Full playable character reveal with his own trailer.

Captain Shades

Smash Ace
Jul 1, 2018
Obviously Minecraft Steve will be shown as a playable character on Wednesday, angering all of the Smash community.


Smash Apprentice
Jul 5, 2018
-Newcomer Reveal and Trailer. (Gonna take a wild guess. I'm thinking K. Rool.)
-Reveal of Some New Mode.
-More In Depth Game Footage and Maybe Promotion of the New Amiibos.


Smash Journeyman
Aug 12, 2012
-Octolings Echo announced
-Elma announced
-Sakurai says balancing is still ongoing, specifically mentions Bayonetta.
-Snake amiibo shown.
-Young Link Final Smash shown
-Robin's Final Smash is not shown.
-Classic, All-Star modes touched upon; custom moves will be unlocked by completion of certain modes specific to that character, not by random.
-Smash Run shown (incl. online play)
-Third party Assist Trophies shown including Bravely Default, Monster Hunter, Altered Beast (...they can't all be realistic predictions)
-Mentions that a demo/test fire will come out shortly after Switch Online launches--need to have subscription to play demo
-One more new technique mentioned.
-Char, Ivy, Squirtle can all be played as individuals (last lofty prediction).
-More still to come.

Diddy Kong

Smash Obsessed
Dec 8, 2004
Switch FC
Am thinking they'll leave K.Rool and any third party characters for the last few newcomers to be revealed honestly. Given that K.Rool is in of course. A double reveal with Dixie would be ideal, but not expecting that until later.

A new Echo seems like a given however. Who that might be? Am honestly thinking Impa or Chrom, or both. But that's also wishful thinking. Chrom is especially likely if they show that Robin's Final Smash is now different.

If Dark Samus is going to be a Echo, I expect a reveal conjunct with the first trailer of Prime 4. So not now. Isabelle is also a possibility. Tho I don't really want her in.

What am mostly expecting is seeing some new modes, stages, and al the veterans in action. Mostly those we haven't seen much yet.

smash puffle

Smash Ace
Feb 13, 2010
I say it will be a character reveal at the start, then Sakurai explains him/her. After that, the rest would be explaining everything else, some new stages, a couple of echo fighters (at least 2), returning modes, a couple of new modes, some online play explanations and at the end the announcement of a demo about a few weeks before the game releases...
But then a surprise second character reveal after the proper presentation.


Smash Cadet
Aug 7, 2018
My predictions
-The direct will start with the announcement of a newcomer (Please Isaac or Elma)
-Them, AT I am sure that many dreams will be crushed
-Echo characters time! Octolings and maybe Jeanne o Dark Samus?
-Modes, Every mode return and we have and adventure like Brawl?
-For the end, a trailer with a newcomer King K. Rool is very Likely


Smash Journeyman
Feb 7, 2008
Predictions: They'll show us some of the game modes and one or two newcomers (probably one, or one and an echo) as well as showcasing some changes to returning characters, and a few assist trophies because why not crush some dreams while we're at it.

Wants: A new pokemon character, Geno, and for there not to be any god damn minecraft representation in the game lol


Smash Journeyman
Jun 24, 2011
Vineland, New Jersey
Switch FC
SW 2027 5431 0731
I want AT LEAST one of following, in no order except for #1 and 2.

1. Knuckles
2. A digimon
3. Gex
4. Spyro
5. Rayman
6. Crash Bandicoot
7. General Scales
8. Krystal
9. Andy (Heart of Darkness)
10. Akuji
11. Spike (Ape escape)
12. Blasto
13. Vanessa Z. Schneider
14. Captain N.
15. Big Bertha (Super Mario Bros. Movie)
16. Meowth

Also, allow us to run through and illusion through shields and get rid of balloon physics.

What I expect:

Improved gameplay
New mechanics
More info on stages and single player modes
1 echo fighter and 1 newcomer.
I expect to be disappointed by both.


Space Pirate
Jan 4, 2010
Switch FC
Prediction: Walkthrough of some of the game's modes, with a ton of returning ones amongst them. A new stage or two will be presented, New Donk City seems a safe bet at least, along with some of the few returning ones we haven't seen yet. We'll see some new or changed Final Smashes that we haven't seen yet, and other character changes that weren't highlighted at E3. I also think we'll see the new streamlined way of unlocking characters, whether it's through a new mode or whatever it may be.

They'll end with 1 newcomer to wrap it up, with a detailed overview of its moveset following. Gut feeling says it'll be someone that's largely going to be considered a safe pick as I think they'll want to save their biggest hype bombs for later, and they just dropped an enormous one last time. I think it's going to be one of Isabelle, Bandana Dee, Ashley or a Gen 7 Pokémon.

Want: Offline tournament mode, Ranked online, Dark Samus at least not getting disconfirmed, and one of K. Rool, Skull Kid or Bandana Dee as the Direct's newcomer.
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Smash Legend
Jul 16, 2013
Besides atleast 1 newcomer (I'm guessing one at the beginning and another at the end both unique)

Game modes
Probably the rest of the returning stages
Talking about what he mean't by "streamlined to u lock characters"
The menu
Disconfirmed wanted characters slaughter From assist trophies and poke balls
Several new Items

Character predictions

One will be third party

One nintendo
King kmrool
Bandana dee

And one evho
Dark samus


Smash Master
Aug 21, 2014
New York
We’ll definitely be getting a handful of characters along with finding out something about game modes. Beyond that, I’m really surprised it’ll be a Smash direct and not a General one; it seems a bit on the early side...

I’m expecting:
  • At least one full character announcement, likely two (one at the beginning, one at the end). In addition, they’ll show off an echo. I think Ashley and Isabelle are most likely. I’m not expecting K. Rool since I feel he’d be a hupe reveal and they’d want to save him. There’s also a chance that one of the characters revealed could be third party.
  • Showing off some of the other modes. We’ll likely see Special Smash return, and unquestionably 8-man mode. I also expect the Classic and All-star modes to get mentioned. We’ll probably also see some Stadium modes, e.g. Targets, Home Run, Multi Man.
  • Another round of Pokéballs and Assists shown off. There’ll probably be at least one high-profile deconfirmation here, and I’m thinking it’ll be Mimikyu.
  • We’ll get some more looks at new stages like the New Donk one, and probably get a good look at some of the ones that have only been shown in pictures. Also I expect there’ll be at least one shot on an as-yet-unannounced returning stage.
In all, I expect it’ll be a lot of filler. I’m expecting there’ll be loads of salt online though since people are expecting a lot and it’ll probably be very standard. Especially since the characters will most likely be safe picks that most are expecting anyway.

A lot of people are talking about demos - I’m not expecting one, and I don’t really need one either. Most demos are “try before you buy” things. This is Smash: we all know how it plays, and we’re all going to buy it. It’ll really be just a chance to taste the game and get annoyed about its restrictiveness, or for dataminers to leak a lot of stuff. And it’s too soon, anyway.

What I wish it could have...
  • Dovahkiin. Give me the Dragonborn and I’ll be good with literally anything else. It’s not like he doesn’t have the importance for being playable...
  • Give us K. Rool so most of the fanbase can be set at ease. He deserves it.
  • Classic mode ends up more like Melee’s (random opponents, set battles). Also back to the old stock/difficulty selection, not this Kid Icarus Uprising ****
  • New mode: Switch Smash (stock match where each stock is a different character)
  • Smash Run HD. Bonus points for getting rid of powers since customization was busted (Keep the power-ups you collect, lose the powers you had to activate)
  • Arcanine Pokéball. I’d want him to Extremespeed around the stage and Fire Fang opponents. Also have him rideable like in Let’s Go.
  • Smash4’s trophy gallery mode with easy picture export. And tons of trophies as well.
  • Good views of HD Gerudo Valley. Also the return of Pirate Ship and the Fountain of Dreams. And of course a beautiful Skyrim stage to go with the Dragonborn (and Jeremy Soule’s phenomenal music) with a day/night cycle, random auroras in the sky, and Alduin as a stage boss.
  • Reveal that Young Link puts on the Fierce Deity mask before doing his final smash, even if it’s just the Triforce Slash or a copy of Ike’s.
  • More than 8 costumes for some characters, including new models like Link and Zelda’s old looks.
  • Some adventure-esque mode. SSE would be too much, but something akin to Melee’s with the addition of branching paths would be cool.
...and that’s why I’m expecting to be slightly disappointed...that’s a lot of stuff that won’t happen...

Rie Sonomura

fly octo fly
Jul 14, 2014
Switch FC
- at least two unique newcomers (hoping for Elma and Bandana Waddle Dee)
- at least one echo, at most two (hoping for Isabelle and/or Chrom)
- maybe a third party newcomer (possibly Simon) but I’m not counting on that
- new and returning Assist Trophies (hopes: Dante from DMC, Isaac*, Raiden from Metal Gear Rising, KOS-MOS from Xenosaga, and Mr. Resetti for the keks)
- new modes shown off
- showing off any previously unseen Final Smashes (if Chrom is absent from Robin’s FS this time, it may corroborate Chrom being playable further)
- new and returning stages (hopes: Fountain of Dreams, a Xenoblade X stage to potentially go with Elma)
- please for the love of all that is holy tho I hope Smash Tour does NOT return. Smash Run is fine.

* don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see Isaac playable, but Golden Sun is practically dead after Dark Dawn bombed and I doubt the ballot was enough to help him. After one of my most wanted (Fiora from Xenoblade) got deconfirmed, I figured I’d also face the facts for Isaac and focus on more likely characters like Elma and Bandana Dee. :(


Smash Lord
Apr 24, 2015
I'm not going to get my hopes up too much, but I'd be very surprised if we didn't get at least one character revealed.

I would expect it to go something along the lines of.

1) Start with a character reveal, maybe clone, but overall a safe bet character (Isabelle/Pokemon). Nothing too mind-blowing, but to get everyone excited.
2) Thank the viewer, share their excitement/enjoyment/gratitude to be working on the project with so many talented people, etc.
3) Cover stuff we already know, mostly filler, maybe showcase stages we've seen in character videos/screenshots, cover items/ATs/Pokemon that the Treehouse covered, go over some tweaks to the cast
4) Showcase some new content, probably new Donk City stage, a couple new ATs, possibly some unrevealed new or returning stages, go over the character revealed at the beginning
5) Announce and cover couple modes, either brand new or returning
6) End with a big character reveal, something to get the fans talking, either a really popular pick, a really unexpected pick and/or a third party character. Also, this character would totally be unique and not a clone/echo.
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Captain Shades

Smash Ace
Jul 1, 2018
On a black background, T-posed models of Shrek and Goku collide with each other at high velocity, resulting in a nuclear explosion. Sakurai then announces the game is cancelled.
In the after math, a new game is born, Waluigi’s Smash Bros. Starring Waluigi and his friends, Shrek, Goku, Narutu, Spongebob, and Sans. As well as Lyn because she has big bobbies to attract the average Fire Emblem fan. Daisy is also relegated to an assist trophy to appease the Wah


Smash Journeyman
Feb 17, 2017
-I want either Sora, Tails, Infernape, or Adeleine to be revealed as a playable character(s).
-Fountain of Dreams to return as a stage.
-Smash Run/Adventure Mode to return.
-Assist Trophies.
-More characters changes(Nerf Bayo, Buff Jiggly and make less of Sonic's moves just his SpinDash)
-sakurai stating that fourth party characters cant join so people can shut up about goku and etc.


Smash Cadet
Jun 30, 2018
Luxembourg (Europe)
Since this topic is in the character area I limit my points to everything character-related.

Predictions on characters:
- Miis getting more exposure. Probably Mii fighter costumes return.

Other than that I expect 2 newcomers and 1 echo fighter but I'm not down to saying who it'll be.

My wishlist for characters:
- Dillon (Sm4sh helped a bit to let people know this character exists and I feel the support for him also grew a bit. still he seems more of a niche-pick)
- Dixie
- Tabuu (would be a crazy/surprise addition that could work out fine)
- Octoling (as an echo for Inkling)
- Springman (although I would prefer Twintelle) / Ribbon girl
- Bandana Dee
- Rayman

Anyone of my wishlist being shown in the Direct would make me happy although only a few of the list (of course the more unlikely ones) would really get me excited.

Since I got Wolf in Smash Ultimate, I'm mostly satisfied already ;)


Smash Apprentice
Jun 18, 2018
  • Predictions -
Characters: I am expecting at least 1 newcomer and 1 echo, no clue on who, but assuming Sakurai's "red eye" thing with his tweet is any sort of hint (which i don't think it was), I'd predict Ashley, the lack of Warioware content shown as of yet (Gamer, Kat & Ana AT, Ashley herself.) could indicate that a Warioware character is on the way. and having the time for the direct be accommodating for Japan viewers, it would make sense for a japan favorite character to be revealed. I have no clue who would be chosen to be an Echo Fighter though. Outside of new character announcements, i imagine we'll get some highlights on some other characters that were not covered in the previous presentation.

Game modes: I am expecting for there to be not alot of information on modes in this direct, but i think we'll at least see classic mode, Smash Run and/or Tour, and maybe events.

Assist Trophies: I'm expecting to see another showcase of Assist trophies, as well as alot of broken hearts for a number of characters being confirmed as assist trophies. my guesses for the de-confirmed are Isabelle, Dark Samus, Ray Mk III, and a new assist trophy.

  • Wants -
Characters: I want at least 2 newcomers and 1 echo fighter, For the newcomers i'd want to see Geno, Ray Mk III, or Tails, and for the echo fighter, i want either Shadow or Funky Kong.

Game modes: aside from what i've already mentioned in my predictions, I want to see them announce an adventure mode. i feel like a subspace emissary might be a little too ambitious considering how much they're already working on, but at least a melee-style adventure mode.

that's really all i'm hoping for, though I'll be hype regardless of what's shown.


Smash Journeyman
Mar 15, 2018
My Predictions: Adventure Mode Revealed, and Single Player modes; and The Reveal of Geno Or K. Rool(Red Eyes & All like in that twitter post)

My Wants for SSBU:
I. Adventure mode similar to Melee's(So Youtubers wouldn't upload Spoilers that would negatively decrease Sales since there isn't a story in Melee's Adventure Mode; So Sakurai can Avoid the reason He DIDN'T Put in another SSE in SSB4, because of that)
II. These NEW Characters:
A. Original
1. Geno
2. Isaac from Golden Sun
3. Bandana Waddle Dee
4. Linkle
5. Decidueye
6. Ninten(Since he wouldn't share ANY Moves with Ness OR Lucas; I.E. 4TH-D Slip, PK Beam, etc; ERGO, He Wouldn't be an echo fighter)
7. Shovel Knight
8. Spring Man & Ribbon Girl(Complete with their Alternate colorations from ARMS itself, and Springtron inspired skins complete with Springtron's IN-Game Alternate Colorations)
9. Cranky Kong
10. Rex, Pyra & Mythra
B. Echo Fighters
1. Dixie Kong
2. Funky Kong
3. Dark Samus
4. Malos(Shulk's Echo Fighter; since Both of them use Monado Arts; and would be a Villain to boot)
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Deleted member

Predictions: Single player confirmed, Heihachi or Isabelle comfirmed.

Want: King K. Rool, or Lycanroc (Dusk form.) More about modes comfirmed.
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