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Welcome everyone to Smashboards' Newest section, the Smash Connect! This is a forum where all our users can set up shop, sell or buy items and services. The Smash Community is one filled with great degrees of talent, and we want to give the community an opportunity to earn something for that. Let me make one thing perfectly clear though, any profit you make here is 100% YOURS. Smashboards is only giving you the venue, but the transactions are all up to you as users. We hope you enjoy the service.


  • To open a shop, you MUST have a verified Store Link. Before a thread is publically posted, it MUST be approved by a Moderator/Senator/Admin
  • Your thread is about highlighting your products/services, prices, store rules, etc;. All transactions however MUST be handled off site through your store (paypal for services that don't require a store).
  • Thread feedback is allowed and encouraged, however, please do NOT post negative comments if you do not like the products/services being sold, that WILL be infracted. Feedback Form and Rules can be found Here.
  • If there's any problems with dealing with a buyer or seller, please contact a Moderator in charge, a Senator, an Admin, or post in Forum Support
  • Smashboards is only a Hub for your store to be highlighted, as such we're NOT responsible for mediating buyer/seller transactions and negotions. Any disputes will have to be handled off site through the merchant site/paypal/etc;. However, any verified complaints on a store however will result in possible thread deletion and probation/black listing from the Sales Forum
  • Store Owners are free to request Thread Bans on any user they feel is harmful to their business. Sufficient proof must be provided however (be it from Forum Postings or Off Site dealings).
  • Any thread selling items that break Smashboards ToS (including Pirating, Pornographic Material, etc; ) will result in thread deletion and Forum black listing. If your store sells any such merchandise, you MUST include a warning in your thread, and to not list any items relating to that through Smashboards.
  • Please keep your store updated. Any items/services no longer being sold PLEASE mark appropriately or remove the listing in question. Please use the prefixes provided (WTS for Want to Sell, WTT for Want to Trade, WTB for Want to Buy and Sold if your thread/store has no more items to be sold/you're shutting down services, Sale for limited time offers, and Free if you are offering free services)
  • This forum will be under posting probation.This means any account with 3 infractions or more will have no forum access until they expire.
  • Any and all abuse in terms of transactions (things like not providing the product after receiving payment) will be treated VERY seriously. Smash Connect blacklisting, infractions, and/or Site Bans are all alternatives we can and will utilize to counteract this. Any user affected by this I encourage to contact PayPal, and to look through this link Here.
  • As always, all SmashBoards global rules are in effect. If you need a refresher, they can be found here.
Art Commissions:
Controller Modding:
  • Controller Modding does NOT require a store of any kind.
Donation Drive:
  • In regards to the Donation Drive, this forum is where you can raise money for various projects, trips, tournaments, etc;. Any advertisement in regards to a donation fundraiser must occur ONLY in your thread. Referring people to a thread is ok, just don't try to advertise for people to contribute to a donation outside of the thread in question.
  • Patreon advertising is ok as well.
Digital Services (Codes, etc; )
  • Codes being one time use, will allow you multiple threads per code you have to sell (though if you have multiple at once, please create just one thread.) Once the code is sold and proof of transaction and receiving the product is confirmed, the thread will be locked.
Banned Product List:
  • Modded Consoles
  • Burned Discs
  • Pornographic Material
1. Always send merchandise with a confirmation number (.60 cents).

2. If you don't have packing supplies, use newspaper for shipping supplies instead of peanuts and bubble sheets.

3. Try to avoid sending cash and using western union.

4. Keep track of what you bought. Save the PMs from people you buy and sell until the transaction is complete.

Prefix Legend:

WTS - Want To Sell
WTB - Want To Buy
WTT - Want To Trade
Sold - Not for sale anymore
Sale - Limited time price
Free - Service/Product is free of charge.
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