"Smash 3" - A Brawl Documentary

A few years ago, we saw the story of top Melee players documented in a 9-part series called "The Smash Brothers". Those videos gathered the history of 7 of the most dangerous Melee players and their road to glory and fame, from the times when DI was witchcraft and a certain Forward Air to Down Air string had no name, to the era when Melee got a revival and the true leaders showed their moves.

Recently, Corey "False" Shin from Rush Hour Smash started a Kickstarter campaign to produce a sequel to this documentary, but instead of focusing on Melee, False would like to take a look at the controversial Smash game that divided the community. Yes, a Brawl documentary. The goal of the Kickstarter campaign is $6,303; currently, it has collected over $1,100 with 29 days left to donate.​

From left to right: Nairo (with Meta Knight), Ally (with Snake), Otori (with Meta Knight),
Salem (with Zero Suit Samus), and DEHF (with Falco). All of them are Apex winners.

The documentary has six scheduled episodes:

"The First King" (2008) - Release of Brawl, reign of Mew2King, rise of Meta Knight. Mew2King on a consistent rampage, winning everything.

"The Northern Assassin" (2009) - Ally's revenge, a new champion, birth of Apex. Ally overthrows Mew2King at multiple majors. The rise of many start here.

"The Farmer in the East and the Boxer of the West" (2010) - International invasion (Japan), glimpse of eSports (MLG). Japan redefines the game's limits, DEHF (Larry Lurr) redefines the game.

"Blips" (2011) - Vice-grip of Meta Knight, first major period of attendance drops, vague confirmation of Smash 4 at E3. Brawl tournament entries begin losing steam.

"Clear" (2012) - Japan's revenge, appearance of Europe, MK preserved, splits in community. Japanese and European players show the complacent US what's up.

"New Hope" (2013) - Salem rocks everyone's world, attendance shrinks. Smash 4 at E3, remotivation. Melee at EVO/#oneunit. A dark horse takes Apex by storm, Smash is thrust into a new, greater spotlight. 2014 - Brawl not present at MLG comeback or EVO, attempts to revive game in last days, E3 invitational, community split continues, Smash 4 release/gradual transfer.

False made a promotional video for the campaign, but ZeRo published it on his channel. You can check it out here:
What do you think about this idea? Did you watch the original Melee Documentary? What do you think about the Brawl era? Let us know! Please collaborate with the Kickstarter Campaign to make this happen, and check out False's Twitter and the Rush Hour Smash channel.​
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Mario "Diosdi" Osuna


To all ot Brawl haters I want to remind you that most of Sm4sh's top players played and emjoyed Brawl, even content crestors like it. I'm not sure what's going on with this anti Brawl movement comming from people who haven't played it, especially Smash 4' fans whose games is deepe than Brawl.
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I'm open to this. It'd be a fun glimpse into the game they tried to make competitive, but just couldn't garner the real force behind.
I miss Brawl... I avoided the Smash Brothers doc for many reasons (one of them being that I didn't see it when it came out and I've been labeled a doc kid so many times it's easier to just say "LOL nice stereotype, never seen it"), but I'd try to make time to watch this. I hope it gets the necessary funding.
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Sounds rad, a cool look into a game that played a big part in my childhood that many called the worst one lmao. Also I'm a sucker for documentaries so I'm all for it
These documentarys are awesome! You can't get enough smash. :D 21 days is enough for me to donate a third of both my upcoming paychecks for this. I hope they do this with Smash 4 some day. It's a bummer that it won't be up for longer.
Wait brawl had competitive history? lol

I thought that all the Brawl players just created project M or moved to smash 4. Would love to learn about what happened.
I would have preferred a 64 one, but Brawl has enough history for an interesting one.

Compare Smash 4 with the only notable player asserting dominance is Zero.
I don't care much for Brawl, but this would still be interesting. I don't really care to see it enough to back it, but it would be interesting nonetheless.
As long as it doesn't skip South or Midwest history. Hopefully not gonna be 80% EC related despite Tri-state being 80% of Brawl exposure and player count near the last era of Brawl
I hope production doesn't 'trip' all over the place. ;) hehe

Joking aside, I'm glad that this is being created so Brawl does have some representation in the Smash community and why it shouldn't be mindlessly hated.
Oh, so you mean Smash 4?

In all seriousness, I'm hyped. Maybe this can get me into competitive Brawl.
Brawl did it first. All Smash 4 did was move the Brawl players to a different game.
The only reason why "Melee vs. Smash 4" controversy exists at the moment is because Smash 4 is the latest installment. If a Smash 5 comes around, people are going to forget about 4 and compare it to Melee.
I left Brawl once I saw majors with MK vs MK everywhere, but someone recently showed me some of the crazy stuff you can do with ZSS's suit parts. Apparently I missed out on a lot?

Anyway, that art in the OP is AMAZING. Who did it?
I find Mew2King's objection to being on the poster hilarious and accurate.

That dude was unbeatable for about 2 or 3 stretches of Brawl. Him and Ally ran roughshot over everyone.

Pretty funny none of the players on that poster won a quarter as many super majors as those 2 did, and the better of them (M2K) was absent on the poster lol.