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Show Me The Poutine 6 Results


Smash Apprentice
Sep 25, 2010
Montreal, Quebec
July 20th 2013

Brawl Singles (5$ Fee)

1. HolyNightmare - :wolf: :metaknight: (51,00$)

2. Swordgard - :?: :?: :?: :?::wolf::popo: (22,50$)

3. MorKs - :snake: :dk: :ness: (8,50$)

4. TarexTheRex - :yoshi2:

5. SuperGirlKels - :sonic: :kirby:

5. Techiyo - :marth:

7. KingKong - :bowser:

7. Pappy - :bowser:

9. AkaGenesis - :rob:

9. Timmy - :ness:

9. Desu - :falcon: :jigglypuff:

9. Frr - :zerosuitsamus:

13. GinaMudkipz - :marth:

13. CrazyLittleJay - :kirby: :sonic:

13. Kira - :snake:

13. DragonMatt - :marth:

17. Nizi - :pikachu: :peach:

Brawl Doubles (10$ Fee)

(Transformed into a pool of 5 teams)

1. HolyNightmare :metaknight: + Techiyo :marth: (35,00$)

2. Swordgard :snake: + KingKong :pikachu: :metaknight: (15,00$)

3. MorKs :snake: + Pappy :metaknight:

4. Dream Team - (CrazyLittleJay) :kirby: (SuperGirlKels) :sonic::kirby:

5. Frr - :zerosuitsamus: + Nizi :peach:

I would like to thank everyone that came to this tournament, it was a blast!
Next time, there will probably be a stream, stay tuned!
Next month will have no SMTP because there will be our annual STYC instead.
At last, please people, let me know what you liked/disliked about this tourney.
It will serve me to make better tournaments in the future ;)


Smash Apprentice
Sep 25, 2010
Montreal, Quebec
@MegaRobMan : No videos (cuz lazy) but this isn't a wolf main or anything, but his mindgame level is high enough to pick up a secondary and win anyway, though he didn't use wolf in GF (same for Swordgard)


Smash Apprentice
Mar 1, 2009
Mtl, Qc
Osup shoutouts time

1. HolyNightmare - You're next on my shirtless hitlist

2. Swordgard - Omg you're such an amazing troll how can someone who doesn't play this game can land a spike with a character that you need to actually know the spike hitbox, it's like you stole Leon's skill for your trolling intentions after trolling him

3. MorKs - You never deserve to be third, still u were by far mtl chibo with that tourney running on time and all

4. TarexTheRex - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwuQGD5k2kE

5. SuperGirlKels - omg ur so amazing that was an honor ggs

5. Techiyo - osup sf>bb trolololol good **** winning dubz

7. KingKong - good to see best bowser itw being active again

7. Pappy - Living with the matchups: one unwinnable at a time. Good luck pappy is too hype

9. Timmy - Yoo use more Yoshi come to think of it yours was good you knew stuff like that standard b is good and how to pivot grab and that fair shouldn't be used, you better than all the bad yoshis like raptor

9. AkaGenesis - Mochi Mochi

9. Desu - Jesus Desu

9. Frr - Damn never thought that you would get better from playing people worse than us lolol

13. GinaMudkipz - When's Pichette?

13. CrazyLittleJay - :/ no disrespect from my part in pools I just wanted to make sure that I had key punishes(spamming eggs) down so I played safe... don't be discouraged you did beat me online in 2010 lol

13. Kira - grigri all day ery day even in brawl

13. DragonMatt - osup

17. Nizi - hope you'll keep attending and stuff
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