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Sheik Directory - (Guides, videos, misc.)

Aug 6, 2008


It Takes Two
May 29, 2014
Thanks for this post, I hope one day an advanced Sheik player makes a guide similar to CunningKitsune's guide on Fox.


Jan 10, 2007
Sheik Info Archive (Evernote Link)

Sheik Video Archive (Playlist):
Sheik 1P Practice (Tips):
MU Guides:
Hitboxes & Frame-Data:
How to do a reverse up-b and a shortened up-b:
Tech chasing fast fallers:
Shield pressure:
New Sheik technology:
Other (Non-Sheik specific yet useful):

Sheik 1P Training Notes (Evernote Link)

General tips:
-As you practice, try to relax your hands as much as possible when performing inputs. This is useful for two reasons. Firstly, you'll perform better technical wise. This is because your fingers will move faster and with less effort. The second reason is that you are less likely to strain or hurt your hands in longer training sessions. I would suggest you to employ you this method when playing friendlies as well, and eventually into tournament matches. Try it, and see whether you see a difference in technical consistency.

By KirbyKaze (Edited by Novi):
Movement stuff:
- RNC SH / FJ > You want to maintain momentum on these or at least have the ability to do so. This opens up your ability to ledge grab in various positions, fall past the edge with aerials from a decent chunk away, or go far offstage for bairs. There are other applications, but these are the main ones.
- Needle edgehog > Kind of difficult, not really worth learning 'cuz there are a lot of similarly quick edgehogs.
- Running vanish offstage > Kind of cute edgehog (though generally useless).
- WD FF edgehog > Faster than normal WD offstage.
- Wavelanding off all the platforms comfortably > Opens up needle options
- Ledgedash > Wanna maximize invulnerability, opens up options, etc.

Combo stuff (NTSC):
- D-throw dash SH uair > Works vs Puff, Luigi, Samus at 0% > Watch my set vs Vudujin to understand why this is good if it's not clear why
- D-throw regrab > Important in Sheik dittos at 0%, Ganon at 25% > Self explanatory even though I rarely do CG dittos

Attack stuff:
- SH Nair OOS > try to hit the standing Jigglypuff with the strong hit
- SH FF Nair L-cancel > In that order
- SH FF Fair AC > Hit the standing Kirby with it and retain the AC
- SH rising Bair > Hit standing Fox with the sweetspot
- Air needle into grab > Hit crouching Puff with it (you need to hit two needles minimum while descending to do it)
- SH Fair Nair > It's kind of useless but I can do it
Novi's Notes:
Boost grabbing practice:
-Go to Training Mode. Choose Fox as CPU.
-Set CPU on "Evade"
-Try to boost grab the Fox (Run + Boost Grab)
Most people try to Boost Grab too late or too close to the Fox, which allows him to escape. Try to Boost Grab as early, or as far from Fox, as possible. Do this until you get "the feel" of the max distance of this attack. Boost grab's range is monstrous, which is why this trial is so useful.
[Neutral Game] SH Practice (+ AC Fair -> Ftilt):
-In 20XX Hackpack, choose Sheik and no CPUs (Dpad + Up on the CSS). Go to FD.
-Practice Short Hopping, try to eliminate the Full Hop Inputs
-Try to re-jump as soon as you land, minimize the lag
-When you start getting consistent, start fast falling the SHs
-Keep going until you get the timing
-Visualize an opponent, start throwing out AC Fairs (Optional: Turn Hitboxes On and focus on spacing at the very tip of the hitbox)
-Keep short hopping and fast falling (remember, non fast-falled SH Fairs are a great mixup as well!)
-After the AC Fairs, do Ftilts. Try to minimize the lag between the inputs
-Keep repeating this scenario, you can also work on other mixups such as AC Fair - Grab/Dtilt/Jab/Dash away
-Lastly, as you SH, try to work on Sheik's backflip as well, as it is a great evasive maneuver (combined with AC Fair). To jump backwards, you need to hold control stick backwards before jumping. Remember to fastfall the backflip as well!

Grab Pummel Stuff:
"You can buffer a throw after a pummel. You can pummel once, even at 0 percent, and throw afterwards and it is inescapable. -Alan, Peach Main
Practice grabbing at 0 percent. Pummel once with A and buffer dthrow with C-stick.


These resources are being updated as time goes on.
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