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SH F-Air Waveland

Liquid Brick

Smash Cadet
Jan 3, 2013
California, U.S.A.
Hi everyone! I don't post much here or on the subreddit as I'm happy with lurking and just digesting match videos. But I recently found something out with Pit's Fair (pretty much given away in the title). Not sure if it's know already or not, but, just like Doc's Bair in melee, Pit can waveland out of his Fair if you don't fastfall until AFTER the apex of his shorthop. While Pit still doesn't get much distance off his waveland, I practiced wavelanding backwards after a well-spaced Fair on shield to avoid getting grabbed. It's well known (at least to myself) that Pit lacks options that are safe on shield aside from a VERY well placed F-tilt or Dair spike hitbox. Not sure on the uses of this bit of tech beyond improving Pit's options on shield but I figured I should let other Pit mains know. Thanks!


insincere personality
Nov 2, 2013
I don't think I've seen it done, then again, I haven't really watched any pits, aside from armada.


Smash Ace
Dec 14, 2008
Philadelphia, PA
If this is Legit i love you <3 Turning on my wii now to check it out :D - thanks
Edit: Tested it, its extremely useful but probabley one of Pits Hardest ATs to master imo, u have to get the fair on like one of the first few frames [im bad with frame data i kinda just see it], and hit that waveland right out of it like perfect. If u miss it u land without L-cancling [unless ur spammin l but thats not consistent xD] and leave urself open. So its definately a Do or Die AT, i really like it tho, it might take me a bit to get this one down 100%, its like doing marths double fair in melee except pit shfair waveland -.- Good find tho it will help alot once mastered to any pit.
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