Smash Wii U SFL True Skill Official Power Rankings!~

True Blue

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Jan 18, 2011
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Jan 1st - Mar 31st, 2016

Hey everyone! The Truest of Blues here to present this side of the net with brand spankin' new Power Ranking picture!
The way our region has the scores tallied up is by a True Skill system that has all Events catalogued into the system and ranks based on Challonge bracket information. So every event that was held between Jan 1st to March 31st, (Whether it be Weeklies, Monthlies and even the Tier Breakers Sanctioned Events that spanned across this time frame.) have all been added and calculated together by an emotionless computer to give us the rankings we see right now.
And I have taken it upon myself to post this since our region does not really have a designated person to do so, and a job like this needs professionalism! So let's get on with the show!

#1 MVD - :4diddy:
MVD is one of the few consistent players we have and even if he some how manages to lose in Winners you can never count this rampaging monkey beast out. Because the place you rather not see him compete from is Losers, that Sceptile picture is no joke. MVD has the power to switch on his untapped power and demolish his opponents in ways that normal people only dream of. Can we say Barrel Technician?

#2 DJ Jack - :4ryu:
The next person on our Rankings is our 2D Fighting loving DJ, DJ Jack. Throwing some nice beats now and again like a Cubone Bone-merang. DJ Jack is definitely a high skilled Ryu player, with his slight movements and perfect executions he will always True Shoryuken his opponents into submission. (And kill them below 80, *cough*) Never count him out of the fight, I know I won't and everyone should track his ascension as he aims for that top spot next season!

#3 NickRiddle - :4zss: :4bowser:
NickRiddle is another of our consistent players who can just come out and play to body people and stay relevant. Like Crobat he can speed through our Power Rankings with top speed without a care in the world. The only thing that stops this man is himself when he decides he just wants to rest and not show up to an event, and even then he can choose a wide variety of characters to put people to shame. (What can ya say. When you're hot, you're hot.)

#4 Josh - :4diddy:
Now this is someone who came monkey flipping out of nowhere until it was too late. This player slowly tore his way through the Power Rankings defeating players like DJ Jack, Dath, True Blue and eventually making his way to MVD himself. And with that Hidden Ability of Aipoms to just Skill Link his Down Tilt to Up Smash, he found his way to number four on our Power Rankings this season as a new member!

#5 Master Raven - :4sheik:
Master Raven is literally like some sort of machine! He manages to weave in and out almost flawlessly and snuffs out any attempts on himself with his own quick hitting moves. This man is able to stay Sturdy in the toughest of situations like a steel type he is all the while keeping an electrifying performance that makes the opponent keep guessing his motives. Maybe these are the reasons he likes Magnemite? Who knows, Master Raven is a mysterious person and very few will know why he likes the things he likes and does the things he does.

#6 Dath - :4robinf:
Slowly but surely Dath has been waiting and with each patch he has been growing stronger. Making slow ripples across the Oceans Grey Waves of life, Dath has been using his power Levin Sword to show dominance against his opponents. Like Mawile he will Intimidate the opponent and when he is ready to strike, he will use his Huge Power and Checkmate anyone that tries to opose him in bracket. (Maybe if you scream loud enough he will let you off the hook.)

#7 Xaltis - :rosalina: :4bayonetta:
Xaltis has always been a strong fighter in our region, Luma just makes her stronger. With Serene Grace she will have everything Double, but unlike Meloetta, it won't be by chance and her opponents will always feel the two strikes from her Up Smashes. One of the more notable moves she contests a lot of peoples options to snuff out any attempts at passing her in bracket. (Almost like a Dance of Death for anyone that meets her in bracket.)

#8 Seibrik - :4metaknight: :4megaman: :4cloud:
The Downloader himself, Seibrik takes the number 8 spot. Kinda fitting, for now, since that 8 is just like a sideways Infinity to represent the infinite amount of space he has to Download any opponent he plays against. Which is why it makes it even better that Genesect represents him very well. With just the right files Seibrik will be able to dethrone anyone and everyone and make it to the top of next season!

#9 Purple Guy - :4sheik: :4zelda:
If you have never seen Purple Guy at events, that is okay, because you have more than likely heard this man in the crowd cheering louder than any stadium loud speaker known to man. The only right thing to do was to place Exploud on his spot because this man can and will cause an Uproar at any event he attends. And just like his cheers his gameplay will surely try to drive you into the ground so that he can make it out on top.

#10 True Blue - :4sonic: :4cloud2:
True Blue is an all around good guy and looks for the fun in the game. Not always the best but sure will give you a run for your money. And when we mean run, we mean it. With his Sonic he will definitely run out the clock or your mind in an attempt to take the match. Still trying to expand his horizon he has taken to the Sky and added Cloud as a secondary. (Definitely using that Gracidea flower to change from a normal Hedgehog to a Limit Crazed- Sword wielder.)

Definitely has been a crazy ride this Power Rankings Season. So with all this peace out everyone and next time we will have an appointed person to handle all these things that is agreed upon by our community so that they can make awesome content for everyone to see outside of the region, or heck inside the region. Cause ya know what? This is a lot to do and I don't have that energy. lol.
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Feb 2, 2013
This list is fake, True Blue is just upset Eden took him off the PR. Carry on everyone.
If you can link me to actual SFL PR and can verify that this list is fraudulent, I will remove the thread