Secondary as a Cloud main.


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Apr 27, 2019
I know there's a thread similar to this already, but I was wondering who you all think I should secondary as a Cloud main. I enjoy playing Fox, Wolf, the 4 Marth clones, and Ganondorf.
Who should I focus on to cover my weaker match ups with Cloud?

And if there is another character that I don't play that you suggest bring them up as well. Those four are just my favorites to play other than Cloud.


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Mar 17, 2019
What I did was I picked up one of my worst matchups. Players don't realize that their personal matchups can affect their play, as you will play worse against some characters. I grabbed Wolf as a secondary, as his blaster can lead to a lot more zoning, and he's extremely strong on the ground too.

Something else that can help is playing one of your CHARACTER'S worst matchups. I know a lot of other Cloud players have picked up Pika or Pichu on secondary. Inkling can be another popular choice, as these characters will help polish your Cloud, and a new character.

Or just go high tier. Snake and Joker are both very dynamic characters, probably at the top of the game.

It all comes down to your own preference though.
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