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Savior of the Earth: The Otto Matic support thread


Jul 14, 2014
The Land of Oz
Switch FC

From the 2001 Mac hit Otto Matic, this thread is all about supporting the robotic hero!

What and Who is Otto Matic?

A Mac game released in 2001, Otto Matic involved controlling the title character through a variety of environments, rescuing humans and defeating the evil Brain Aliens using a variety of weapons. The year is 1957, after the Brain Aliens abduct humans from Earth with the intention of turning them into Brain Aliens, Otto Matic is dispatched to rescue the humans and defeat the Giant Brain, ruler of the Brain Aliens and residing on Planet X. The journey isn't easy, as 8 distinct worlds stand between Otto Matic and the Giant Brain.

This... is Otto Matic:

Our hero is capable of running, jumping, punching and using a variety of weapons and other gadgets. If Otto Matic picks up a weapon he already has, he adds the ammo of the weapon to his current count by placing it in his head.


Jab 1: A quick punch with his left arm
Jab 2: A quick punch with his right arm
Dash Attack: A charge with Otto Matic’s head
F-Tilt: A slightly more powerful punch
U-Tilt: A punch to the air
D-Tilt: A quick leg lunge
F-Smash: Otto Matic puts his right hand behind and winds it up. He then charges the arm forward
U-Smash (Supernova): Otto Matic puts his arms to the side of his head while electricity charges up. He then jumps and discharges the Electricity
D-Smash: Otto Matic prepares two Spark Blasters and sets them to his sides pointed towards the ground. He then unleashes their power.
N-air: A quick kick
F-air: A quick punch
B-air: Otto Matic throws a Rocket Dart behind him
U-air: A quick Spark Blaster shot. Weaker than a uncharged Down Smash
D-air: A swift double foot stomp
Neutral Special: Otto Matic fires whatever weapon is currently selected. If none is selected or all are recharging, Otto Matic performs a medium strength punch.
Side Special: Otto Matic pulls out a Magnet as a robot serphent appears to move across the stage. Otto Matic stage skis across, hitting anyone in the way
Up Special: Otto Matic’s Jump Jet, he soars a great distance with it, but it has limited fuel. If there’s not enough fuel, he gains little distance. Fuel recharges according to a gear at the bottom that slowly gets colored green. The less green, the less fuel.
Down Special: Otto Matic switches between the following weapons:
Ray Gun: Long range, but doesn’t stun and is fairly weak. Has the shortest cooldown time
Flamethrower Ray: Fires a burst of fire. Short range, but powerful. Has the longest cooldown time
Freeze Ray: Freezes opponents for two seconds. Has a medium cooldown time.
Items: If Otto Matic is holding an item other than his own, he can store it for future use. The item disappears upon being KO’d or after 30 seconds.
An icon at the bottom lets Otto Matic know which weapon he has selected.
Grab: A lunge with his right arm
Pummel: A Head-butt
F-Throw: Throws the opponent forward
B-Throw: Throws the opponent backwards without looking
U-Throw: Throws the opponent into the air
D-Throw: Slams the opponent into the ground.

Stage: For Otto Matic's stage, a level that best represents some of the game's mechanics could work well.

Planet Rennie!
A amusement park gone wrong, Planet Rennie is up in the clouds, literally! Features include:
Balloons: Pop to get a item
Bumper Cars:
The floor is damaging! Take shelter in the occupied cars to avoid it.
And the Rocket Sled: Ride it to cross the gap!

Music: Otto Matic features songs such as...
Earth, Snoth, The Slime Generator, Rennie, The Pitcher Plant, and finally... Planet X!
Note: Excuse the music quality, these were the best I could find.

Conclusion: Although unlikely to join the battle, Otto Matic would be a quirky addition to Smash Ultimate!



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