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Samus recovery on stage


Smash Rookie
Jul 8, 2014
Northern California
I got destroyed in finals at a tournament today because when Marth would get me off stage I couldn't get on stage. Idk if this is a Marth MU problem but I feel that is was just more of a skill level difference. How does a Samus safely recover and maybe punish someone charging a smash on stage?


Smash Ace
Mar 12, 2014
Hanging on the ledge is a bad spot for Samus, especially against Marth. You just have to really mix up your options and try to bait something out. He shouldn't ever be close enough to f-air from ledge but be ready if he is. If he blocks the f-air you can l-cancel screw atttack pretty safely and catch his shield grab. An excellent option against people waiting at ledge is ledge hop->immediately air-dodge their attack->z-air to punish. This catches people off guard a few times, and it's another mix-up after that. Get good at ledge-dashing as a mix-up, and use all of your other mix-ups.


Mar 16, 2007
Another thing to keep in mind is no-impact landing on the ledge. The strength of this option comes from the near overlap of the height at which Samus's ledge grab collision bubble collides with the ledge's grab collision bubble, and the height where her landing detection collision bubble collides with the stage's surface. They're close enough that if you're jumping at the right height it is impossible to know whether you're going to land on stage and immediately attack, or if you're going to re-grab the ledge. If they think you're going to land and attack, they can try to poke pre-emptively, which leaves them vulnerable if you grab the ledge and immediately ledge-dash. But if they think you're going to re-grab the ledge and they wait, and you land, they can't react to your attack.

Now, this mix-up does necessitate you poking up fairly far above the ledge, so if they read that you're going to go for it, they can poke you out of it. The very question of whether you're going for this mix-up needs to be a mix-up. Don't always go for it. Jump from lower for quicker ledge stalls to keep them guessing.


Smash Journeyman
Sep 22, 2013
Practice Haxdashing as well. If you don't instagrab ledge, you refresh tether from touching stage, so just tether and try again. Also, if they've already committed to an attack, just roll in. Samus' roll from ledge goes pretty far in and can reset neutral with you having stage control. It's situational, but free if they over-commit.
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