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RULES OF NATURE! Raiden for Smash Ultimate thread


Smash Rookie
Aug 12, 2018
maybe this sound weird, but what if Raiden gets the same design choice Snake received? making a amalgation of references. I mean, PSASBR in some point think that. Also, I really want mgs2 Raiden, I see really weird mgs2 snake with Rising Raiden.


Smash Journeyman
Jun 10, 2021
Count me in for support (he's actually one of my MWs but couldn't find a stock icon PNG for my sig. lol). ''It Has to be this Way'' alone would make my year.
As for his chances,
I mean, I'd like to see it, I just have no idea how likely it is. Sakurai has shown twice now than base game spirits are fair game, so no problem there. But is Raiden a character Nintendo would prioritize? Would Konami play ball? And are there rights issues with Rising's soundtrack that would complicate the affair?

I'd love for Raiden to be included, but I'm skeptical at the moment. There's just not a lot to speculate on with him atm. All there is really is the Bomberman costume as a slight point against a Konami character generally.
yeah this sums it up pretty well, I just don't see it considering MGR is a near decade old spin-off that isn't available on new consoles ergo it wouldn't be profitable to promote unless it was purely and solely because of fan support, and in this regard Raiden has his hands full.

There's also Sonic which singlehandedly has the most fan-demand out of any 3rd party series when it comes to getting a 2nd fighter.


Banned via Warnings
Jul 3, 2021
I think Raiden would work best as Mii Costume.

Feel free to either agree or disagree with me.

Adrianette Bromide

Smash Lord
Dec 22, 2020
Beeland Capital
Yeah yeah, I heard the same thing about Steve from Minecraft and look at how creative he is as a fighter.

Tbh though I'd kinda like his main alt to look sort of original to Smash kinda like Wolf. Something like his MGR appearance before transformation with pizazz.
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