Road to Evolution: FGC/Smash Documentary of a Hometown Hero

Rising to the top is a goal that sits in the dreams of every competitor, whether it be their local scene or the stages of the biggest tournaments the world over. It’s a goal that many players work towards throughout their entire competitive careers, sometimes dedicated to one game, other times throughout multiple iterations of a series, and even across franchises. And despite the drive to compete and the talent to shine brighter than the competition, not every passionate player is met with victory and fame. Road to Evolution follows the story of Cliff “Cliffdog” Rouzier, a player from New York in his competitive gaming journey through the Street Fighter and Super Smash Bros. series and how his drive to compete and get better grew alongside him despite the difficulties of achieving those dreams.

Full documentary Road to Evolution; Directed by Jonathan Rouzier​

The focal point of the documentary is the Evolution tournament, an international tournament series hosted by Joey “Mr. Wiz” Cuellar that has been home to various iterations of the Super Smash Bros. series, as well as countless other fighting games and Cliff’s rise to competing in Evo 2013. The documentary more closely analyzes the journey to getting to the point where he feels that he's ready to travel and compete in a world-class tournament, even in knowing that it may not go as he originally expects. Road to Evolution helps frame the journey not just of a Street Fighter or Super Smash Bros. player, but of a competitive gamer that feels that having what it takes to compete is proven by the passion to always learn and play. On top of the many different aspects directly related to competing, Road to Evolution takes a look into the factors of Cliffdog’s upbringing and everyday life that formed him in and out of the game such as work, school, and family matters: all factors that undoubtedly impact players of every level and every upbringing, making the story much more relatable for all audiences.

Cliffdog is a former member of Team iQHQ, a Long Island Super Smash Bros. centric team that has had members such as Will “DKWill” Walsh, Samuel “RNG | DaBuz” Buzby, and Vinnie Cannino. You can follow him on Twitter and Twitch to follow up on his ongoing journey in fighting game passion. You can also follow Jonathan Rouzier on Twitter for future content similar to this documentary.
Frank "Hangman" DeJohn