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Rhode Island Brawlers


Smash Ace
Dec 4, 2008
Providence RI
So it has come to my attention that Rhode Island is lacking activity in Brawl. Well I figured to help revive our scene a bit why not state the following about yourself here in this format:

Name: Xavier Leigh Burrell
Hometown: Providence
Main Character(s): Link

AIM: LordXavler

MSN: LordXav1er@Live.com

Yahoo: LordXav1er

Skype: LordXav1er


Transportation: City Bus, Car (Parents or Friends) or Bike.

About Me: I am a fairly competitive brawler since the game first came out. I have always been interested in attending Brawl events all over New England. I host local Brawl fest and Tournaments at Rick's Game Center, with a goal of regaining interest and forming a community in Rhode Island. For more information contact me or call my house number (401) 861-0174 and check out http://www.ricksgamecenter.com/

Feel free to talk about anything in this thread!!!
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