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"Remind yourself that overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer." - Darkest Dungeon General Content Support Thread (DD2 Early Access in 2021!)

Rie Sonomura

fly octo fly
Jul 14, 2014
Switch FC
"Ruin has come to our family."
ssb x darkest dungeon.png

"You remember our venerable house, opulent and imperial.


It is a festering abomination!

I beg you, return home, claim your birthright, and deliver our family from the ravenous clutching shadows...

of the Darkest Dungeon."

Q: What is Darkest Dungeon?

A: Darkest Dungeon is a challenging Lovecraftian-themed roguelike turn based RPG developed by Red Hook Studios, about the psychological stresses of adventuring. Recruit, train, and lead a team of flawed heroes through twisted forests, forgotten warrens, ruined crypts, and beyond. You'll battle not only unimaginable foes, but stress, famine, disease, and the ever-encroaching dark. Uncover strange mysteries, and pit the heroes against an array of fearsome monsters with an innovative strategic turn-based combat system.

In addition, the game can throw various events at you, some good, some bad (and more if you have the Crimson Court and/or Color of Madness DLC installed), death is permanent (although there's a rare occurrence in the Hamlet that lets you resurrect one dead unit every time it happens), and every decision you make counts. There's three difficulties, the Radiant Mode (still challenging, but more novice-friendly), Darkest Mode (the default mode) and Stygian (Bloodmoon for Crimson Court DLC) which is THE hardest mode, and not just in terms of stat penalties. If a certain amount of your units die or a certain amount of in game days pass, it's an instant Game Over and your Stygian/Bloodmoon save will be deleted. All in all, robust with challenges for everyone.

"In time, you will know the tragic extent of my failings."

Q: Where can I play this game?

A: It's available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch. My personal preference, however, is the PC version for its mod capabilities, like showing which items can interact with curios (useful cause I have the memory of a goldfish when it comes to that), and some custom classes (be warned, some custom classes on the Steam workshop may be NSFW).

A sequel, Darkest Dungeon II, is in the works, early access becoming available on Epic Games Store next year.

"In truth, I cannot tell how much time has passed since I sent that letter."

Q: What kind of content can be included in Smash?

A: Some of the hero classes might raise a few eyebrows from the ESRB and/or CERO since this is a dark fantasy game and several things can be considered disturbing looking at you, Flagellant and Abomination. The safest choices for a playable character (in my opinion) are: Hellion, Vestal, Antiquarian, Highwayman, Grave Robber, and Jester. I might come up with moveset ideas later.

There's also potential for a Mii Costume (any of the mentioned classes will do) or Spirit Event. I'd be happiest with a Spirit Event myself with like the Crusader, Highwayman, Vestal and Plague Doctor (often a new player's first party). I just love this game so much and any representation would make me happy.

"You answered the letter - now like me, you are part of this place."


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