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Recording my Tournament Games


Smash Journeyman
Mar 31, 2017
ur mom
To start, at my first tournament my brother recorded one of my tournament matches where I fought a good Fox player who annihilated me as I didn't know how to deal with an agressive Fox. The video, being taken on his phone, was of really bad quality and the CRT itself was terrible from what I remember. But aside from that, it was the first time seeing myself play when not focusing on a match and being able to see what mistake I made and thinking of many things I could have done in every situation to improve for the next match.

Now onto what I want to know: should I record every game I play (even friendlies) at a tournament, and if so, how should I do it so it isn't terrible quality? I'm too broke to get a good camera and just have it sitting on my lap, plus having to position myself every game just to see will get tedious and tiring. I'm reading through the Drastic Improvement Guide Thread (https://smashboards.com/threads/drastic-improvement.311129/) and things in there are really helpful as I recently thought I hit a barrier in my overall growth. The tournaments I go to only stream the bracket matches or the top 8 matches onto Twitch so my friendly matches are left out, but those are the most beneficial since I am looking forward to improve.
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