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Reach for the Stars... The Beatrix LeBeau Support Thread


Smash Journeyman
Nov 6, 2019
A couple years ago, going on 3... A Fantastic game about a girl becoming a Rancher on another Planet called the 'Far, Far Range.' The goal of the game is to collect every possible Slime and Largo, foods, plorts, and more...

Beatrix LeBeau:

1. Original
(Just her regular Design)

2. Red
(Her jacket turns Red, and her VacPack turns a similar shade)

3. Green
(Her Jacket, shorts, & VacPack turn different shades of green, and her shirt and shoes turn light blue)

4. Blue
(All of her clothes turn different shades of blue, but her VacPack doesn't change, and her hair and shoes change to match that orange color.)

5. Yellow
(Jacket & Pants turn orange like her VacPack & her shirt turns yellow... Her shoes and hair turn browning-black)

6. Casey
(Changes the name and character design completely to be Casey, Beatrix's special someone back on earth. He wasn't a rancher in the games, but I guess it works. He has a silver VacPack)

7. Blue / Green
(Beatrix's hair turns dark brown, and her jacket, pants, shoes, and VacPack turn Dark Blue. The lights in her VacPack, along with her shirt, turns lime green. This Alt References Viktor, another NPC in Slime Rancher.)

8. White
(All her Clothes turn different white colors, and her hair turns gold. This is a reference to 'Lucky Slimes', a rare and uncatchable type of Slime)


All Slimes in Slime Rancher...

Victory Poses:
1. Beatrix is seen Vaccing Pogofruit off a tree in a Garden plot.

2. Beatrix is sitting down petting a Tabby Slime in her lap.

3. Beatrix gives a saber plort to one of 3 slimes (Phosphor, Honey, or Rad) to make Saber Largo.

(They are always the same, no matter what alt)

Character Select Screen:
-The Series Symbol is the Pink Slime save icon from Slime Rancher.

-Beatrix's pose when picked is her as seen in the picture of her given close to the begining of the article.

-Her name in-game is ''Beatrix" although the Narrator guy says "Beatrix LeBeau".

(Just a simple punch forward)

S Tilt-
(A punch that reaches farther forward)

U Tilt-
(Holds a Rock Slime above her head, damaging anyone who touches it's powerful spikes)

D Tilt-
(a simple kick slightly forward as she crouches)

Nuetral Special- VacPack Attack
(Similar to :ultkingdedede:'s Nuetral B, Beatrix sucks the opponent into her VacPack for a short time, then shoots them out covered in slime, her version of Ink.

Side Special- Power of Pink
(shoots pink plorts forward as she walks. They have decent damage, but little knockback. The knockback on plorts gets more powerful when hitting an enemy with more Ink or Slime.)

Down Special- Magma Mash
(Shoots a Magma Slime forward and it bounces for a short time before exploding.)

Up Special / Recovery- Phosphor Force
(Holds on to a Phosphor Slime as it carries her up as it flies.)

N Air-
(spins in a circle blowing objects around her in the opposite direction)

D Air-
(Shoots a Honey Slime downwards that doesn't do any damage, but will stick to the ground and will stop players besides the user in their tracks for a few seconds.)

U Air-
(Shoots a pogofruit upwards)

B Air-
(A Simple Kick Backwards)

S Smash-
(A powerful pulse emits from the VacPack, like the Pack Upgrade in Slime Rancher. This can be turns around)

D Smash-
(A strong kick slightly forward and downwards)

U Smash-
(A stonger version of her Up-Tilt, but far stonger)

Final Smash- Oh my Gordo...
(A giant Hunter Gordo falls onto the stage, and bounces around eating enemies. It has a chance to fall off the stage, and will knockback or K.O. anyone it hits mid-air. It is incredibly similar to :ultpiranha:)


Intro Animation:
Beatrix is seen putting plorts into the Plort Market before it disappears and she turns around ready to battle.

What did you think of my Ideas for Beatrix LeBeau as a Smash Fighter? I look forward to reading your thoughts!
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Smash Lord
Oct 1, 2016
What did you think of my Ideas for Beatrix LeBeau as a Smash Fighter? I look forward to reading your thoughts!
The character design is nice and the idea seems like it could be fun. I have no idea who this is though.

I guess that doesn't matter way to much as there have been a number of characters put into Smash that I don't know but still had fun playing with.
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