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Melee Re: Gods and Gatekeepers Disciples


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Aug 30, 2017
I know that it's really, really late to be posting something like this since G&G is literally in two days; however, I want to hear what the community thinks. Why do you guys think each contestant picked their disciples (well, SFAT and Mang0's picks are obvious), and what advantages do you think these picks can provide for their crew? Also, do you guys think that the teams can get countered by other teams (in terms of play style and habits)?

These are my opinions on how they selected their disciples:

I. Mang0 - Picked S2J. I mean, they practice together, and Mang0 sure wouldn't leave his homie hanging. He also understands Johnny's strengths (i.e. corner pressure, nuttiness, etc.). Considering that S2J goes C. Falcon, Mang0 would most likely pick Marth or Falco for Crews, and select a Fox player via Draft.

II. Leffen - Picked Ice. I'm not surprised. Leffen will go Fox, and knows that Ice's Sheik is strong (and might(?) bring out pocket Marth if need be).

III. Mew2King - Picked Duck. It made sense to me because Duck can really lay on the hurt, and not everyone has practice vs Samus. Sure, if Teams M2K and Leffen face each other in crews, we assume Jason goes Marth and meme that Leffen has "le Marth and Samus problem". Is that a safe assumption? No, since it would be much easier on the team if M2K went Sheik, and picked a Fox via Draft.

IV. Plup - Picked Swedish. Plup's Samus has really been standing out as of late, so it does make sense that he selects someone else to play Sheik. Though we don't see Swedish too often, he isn't anything to sneeze at.

V. ChuDat - Picked Westballz. Someone as oppressive as Weston can plow through opponents if they give him the chance to get started. Chu is no slouch though, as he's recently been more threatening to the upper level players. If they play against Team Mang0 though, Mang0 knows how to split the IC's apart and dominate the match.

inb4 "you didn't get the last three teams", this thread isn't all about what I think; I wanted to share my opinion as an example of the kind of Drafting Analysis I want to discuss. Feel free to state your thoughts below. I look forward to seeing what you guys think!
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