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Primal Smash Results 4/8/07


Smash Lord
Nov 20, 2005
North Hollywood, CA

1. Keshiki
2. Sensei
3. Pikashox
4. KrazyKirby
5. Ryan
5. Mura
7. Umbra
7. Nix


1. Team America! (Sensei & KrazyKirby)
2. Team Japan! (Keshiki & L)
3. Rest in Pika (Mura & Immo)
4. Penut Jelly Time (Nix & Pikashox)
5. J2K (Jerry & M2K)

Original Tourney Thread

This tournament was so hot and amazing! Even though the turnout wasn't that great, mostly because it was on Easter Sunday, it still was a blast! The competition was fierce in singles as well as doubles. Me and Keshiki had a crazy finals set and he made a huge comeback in the last match. Kudos to K. Keshiki and L teamed up to form Team Japan! KrazyKirby and I entered as Team America and had an epic battle between Japan. We played round robin for doubles and Japan won against us 2-1. Team America ranked 2nd in points, so we had to face Team Japan again in the finals. We had to win two sets in order to win the finals since we were ranked 2nd. We've managed to win the first set in a crazy five match set! The matches went back and forth and we've managed to go into a full two best out of five sets! I managed to pull off some krazy 2 on 1 comebacks and we finally won on the last match. This was by far the most intense teams match I've ever fought in.

Be sure to check out the singles finals recorded thanks to Umbransquall


And here are the rest of the tourney matches recorded


Be sure to check out the next SSB64 Tournament on June 2-3rd along with Smashtality III!!!

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